Skid Row - United World Rebellion Chapter One (2013, EP)

Skid Row is another great band from the past, that sadly didn't managed to hold their full 'classic' line up today. The changes is obvious, ex frontman Sebastian Bach is not around anymore. The new gun, Johnny Solinger is what Skid Row come with now. This seems to be the first FAQ that prevent Skid Row being 'independence' from the ghost of S.B. Overall this EP gone very well. Three of Skid Row 'classic' members, give the legacy of Skid Row's glam metal signature the same as what we used to in Slave to The Grind.

Kings of Demolition is very Slave-era type, the bass slap, the beats is quickly bring memory to this group. Now that Johnny did a great justice to sung this out and it's pretty approved on his vocal quality. Let's Go comes with rather too generic riff, but then the song developed into pretty catchy glam metal song. The dual guitar solos featuring The Snake and Scotti Hill are enjoyable in this song. Remind us again how both are considered best duo in glam metal back in late '80s. This Is Killing Me is a ballad song, trivially Johnny Solinger is a country singer as well, so Johnny takes no difficult tackling the required mellow and sentimental voices required in this song. Get Up is something like modern hard rock feel, maybe the least interesting tracks in this EP. Stitches however close the album with better bang, and the Skid Row signature riffs are back there again.

Overall, this is a safe and sound releases. Perhaps the boys try to catch up Sebastian Bach's solo album last year, and this year's ABachalypse Now, live album from Bach featuring song Slave to the Grind itself! If only Skid Row able to deleted the image of Sebastian Bach from the band, then they will forward. In this EP, this issue seems little to bring on, since Johnny already done his best and nothing to complain, really. An enjoyable EP that bring back Skid Row pretty much.

Metal Harem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Skid Row - United World Rebellion - Chapter One (2013, EP)

1. Kings of Demolition 04:10
2. Let's Go 02:55
3. This Is Killing Me 04:55
4. Get Up 04:56
5. Stitches 03:42

Rachel Bolan Bass, Vocals
Dave "The Snake" Sabo Guitars
Scotti Hill Guitars
Johnny Solinger Vocals
Rob Hammersmith Drums

 Skid Row United World Rebellion EP review

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