Kaledon - Altor The King's Blacksmith (2013)

Rome's epic metal act, Kaledon has return with a new chapter of epic story. Over the last decades, the band had pulled off six Legend of Forgotten ... chapters, which are largely forgotten in the realm of power metal, outside the holy Rome. However, Kaledon had built up a reputable name and their new album with a new 'character' is worth anticipating, Altor: The King's Blacksmith is the title.

An Innocence maiden chanting is to open the album. Childhood is best riff at the moment to defined this super cheesy, classy, power metal tunes. Enjoy the epic choruses and a meantime listen to the good solos of keyboardist Daniele Fuligni, which make the fans proud for his wizardry. Between the Hammer and the Anvil is the main theme song comes with intense riffs. The song arranged in a way where the Hammer and the Anvil seems having a dialog. Again the keyboard solos stealth the solos away. My Personal Hero is quite memorable chorus, the trivia in this track is the accent is too obvious in the word 'Hero'. Lilibeth is surprisingly a very radio friendly power ballad with all the "I love you, Lilibeth...", sing with styles by Marco Palazzi. Most of power metal magic tricks are repeated and re-done by Kaledon for the rest of the album, and the story concluded.

Compared to their last works, Altor is a great improvement in the production. How to appreciate the hard work Kaledon put in this album other than to give them the opportunity to break from their eggshell. Sure the album is not the best in originality, as the other thirty power metal albums do, and Altor did has several ideas to grab keen power metalhead's attention. For example, keyboardist Danielle is always able to raise their musical standard into acceptable power metal standard, along with the duet guitarists on board. New drummer Luca Marini also works well along bassist Paolo Lezziroli to gives storming double pedalling in almost all songs. So this make a safe epic power metal chapter of Altor: The King's Blacksmith for every of us to enjoy.

Metal Harem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Kaledon - Altor: The King's Blacksmith (2013)

01. Innocence 01:05
02. Childhood 05:12
03. Between the Hammer and the Anvil 04:35
04. My Personal Hero 03:52
05. Lilibeth 05:21
06. A New Beginning 05:06
07. Kephren 03:27
08. Screams in the Wind 05:06
09. A Dark Prison 06:20

Alex Mele - Guitars
Marco Palazzi - Vocals
Tommy Nemesio - Guitars
Daniele Fuligni - Keyboards
Paolo Lezziroli - Bass
Luca Marini - Drums

Kaledon Altor The King's Blacksmith album review

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