Geoff Tate's Queensryche - Frequency Unknown (2013)

It's a shame that a band like Queensrÿche can't prolong its legacy and need to split into to two flagships. For vocalist Geoff Tate, the move is necessary since his 'musical directions' become not friendly with what Queensrÿche want to go. So here we got, the first Geoff Tate's Queensrÿche recording, coming out April 2013, decades after the man put the metal world upside down with classics Empire and Operation Mindcrime. The album dubbed Frequency Unknown supported by many musicians, listed below. The album is anything but melodic rock, rather far from the progressive metal Queensrÿche once held.

The first song Cold is melodic hard rock, an AOR feel verses and choruses. Pretty much a good listening from this starter. The second take is Dare, is a bit of modern, it's feel as Deep Purple new materials with inclusion of keyboard ornamental inside. Then jump to Slave, comes the catchy hard rock tunes with intrigue running riff to make it grab a little attention. Then go to Running Backwards where the title make a memorable chorus line and the beat is strong. Life Without You is the closest point to get the Empire-era Queensrÿche feel. Piano intro and nu-metal feel in Everything ala Evanescence, really. Then ended with acoustic ballad The Weight of the World. Geoff saved us with four re-mix and re-recorded tracks of Queensrÿche classic such as I Don't Believe in Love, Empire etc.

So, where is the progressive metal once Queensrÿche become champion of, you asked. I think that is not the direction of GT's Queensrÿche as well. This is merely a melodic rock album with many guest musicians to add a bit of colors. Instrumentations are great, such as in song Dare, where the sound of gamelan-like percussion can added accent to the song. Of course those missed Geoff Tate charismatic vocals can become attached, but then this album serves more as personal solo albums and the materials are randoms. Give it a shoot if you really Queensrÿche enthusiast.

UPDATE, Oh btw, if you find this new album not entertaining, or offence to your musical style, just write a rants put a name and send it to Geoff himself. This is no kidding, see the information right here http://cleorecs.com/home/queensryche-best-rant-contest/  - GOOD LUCK!

Metal Harem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Geoff Tate's Queensrÿche - Frequency Unknown (2013)
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1. "Cold" Lukas Rossi, Geoff Tate 3:39
2. "Dare" Slater, Tate 3:38
3. "Give It to You" Chris Cox, Slater, Tate 4:35
4. "Slave" Slater, Tate 3:54
5. "In the Hands of God" Rossi, Tate 3:49
6. "Running Backwards" Martín Irigoyen, Slater, Tate 3:28
7. "Life Without You" Slater, Tate 4:42
8. "Everything" Irigoyen, Slater, Tate 4:28
9. "Fallen" Slater, Tate 4:18
10. "The Weight of the World" Randy Gane, Slater, Tate 6:15

 Bonus tracks (2013 versions) 
11. "I Don't Believe in Love" (from Operation: Mindcrime, 1988) Chris DeGarmo, Tate 4:32
12. "Empire" (from Empire, 1990) Tate, Michael Wilton 5:24
13. "Jet City Woman" (from Empire, 1990) DeGarmo, Tate 5:33
14. "Silent Lucidity" (from Empire, 1990) DeGarmo 5:41  

 Geoff Tate – lead vocals
 Kelly Gray – guitars, guitar solo (on track 1)
 Robert Sarzo – guitar solo
 Rudy Sarzo – bass
 Randy Gane – keyboards, bass, orchestration, voices
 Simon Wright – drums

Guest musicians

    Nina Noir - spoken word, background vocals
    Emily Tate – background vocals
    Miranda Tate – background vocals
    Craig Locicero – rhythm guitars (on track 1)
    Martín Irigoyen – guitar, bass, drums
    K.K. Downing – guitar solo
    Chris Poland – guitar solo
    Ty Tabor – guitar solo
    Brad Gillis – guitar solo
    Dave Meniketti – guitar solo
    Chris Cannella – guitar solo
    Jason Slater – bass, keyboards, solo, theremin
    Paul Bostaph – drums
    Evan Bautista – drums
    Lita Ford – uncredited


    Jason Slater – production, mixing (original mix)
    Anthony Focx – production (on track 1), remixing (on track 1)
    Glenn Fricker – remixing (on track 8)
    Jürgen Engler – remixing (on track 14)
    Maor Appelbaum – mastering, remastering
    Andy Dequara – engineer
    Brian Perera – executive producer
    Jeff Albright – publicity
    Anthony Clarkson – artwork, layout

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