ReinXeed Welcome to The Theater 2012

It’s seems that every corner of power metal sub genre already explored by metalers of Earth. In the sub genre of symphonic power metal, here comes a more specific approach on this style, the cinematic or theatrical power metal. Done by a Swedish band, ReinXeed, the style is actually already patented by Rhapsody of Fire. But there is different feel here, Rhapsody of Fire theatrical mood are more into fantasy / epic and sad tune, with many wars, swords and secrets theme. ReinXeed version of theatrical featured more in the overture mood, happier and suit more in Superman  rather than Knight and Dragon theme. A project previously done by one man, Tommy “ReinXeed” Johansson, the band is in the third instalment of score in album titled “Welcome to the Theater” and featuring bandmates to delivered the music.

A full score of orchestral overture Welcome us in the beginning of the album. This is high wind lifting melodious composition which followed by first power metal song, Life Will Find A Way. The theme is tribute to Jurassic Park story line. We also introduced to excellent voices by main man Tommy. His voice is clean traditional power metal style. Although the background orchestral are dominant than other genre but the metal part is loud and seriously done. Second score, Follow Me begin with flying high Lydian scale orchestra part. Another point of full score track is Freedom. Enjoy the bombastic eight minutes of symphonic power metal present here. As usual the song interlude by nice orchestral part and majestic choruses. Vocalist Ronny Hemlin (Steel Attack) featured here. ReinXeed also included a nice tribute to Indiana Jones theme in Temple of the Skull. Then beside all highlighted tracks, the other songs are all enjoyable power metal with orchestra flavour all inside. Listen to Save Us which featuring female singer Frida Viberg in Spiderman theme. Or rather enjoy Pirate of the Carribean atmosphere in Stranger Tides.

While Rhapsody of Fire already introduced the idea of bombastic Hollywood metal, ReinXeed done something slightly different with the same spirit. ReinXeed indeed less folk metal tune ala Luca Turilli but done the orchestra as in soundtrack movie feel. Guitar playing and solos expected in high quality as the standard of this genre required. Singing quality also top notch with many confident high pitch screamings, which all excellently well reverb . If you into symphonic metal, this is really enjoyable project.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

ReinXeed Welcome To The Theater 2012
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01. Welcome (Intro)
02. Life Will Find A Way
03. Follow Me
04. Save Us
05. Stranger Tides
06. Somewhere In Time
07. Freedom
08. No Fate
09. Temple Of The Crystal Skulls
10. Welcome To The Theather

Calle Sundberg Guitars
Tommy Johansson Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard
Alfred Fridhagen Drummer
Nic Steel Bass

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