Steve Vai The Story Of Light 2012

One of 21st century most influential hard rock guitarist, maestro Steve Vai down the mountain with pocket of new songs. The Story of Light was package of 12 new songs, released as his eight studio album. In the background knowledge, this album is the second part of his new spiritual musical visionary of concept album in trilogy form, about essence of life .. or whatever it is. Continuation of previous “ Real Illusions: Reflections”. As for listener of Stevie’s music, they seems to divided into two groups of fans. First is the one who care about the meaning and found Steve Vai’s exploration into new territory, new obscured experimental and mind blowing guitar trick are above all. This is the fans who prefer Steve Vai as the Zappa’s most successful disciple and expect music can process into new phase of evolution through his guitar playing.

The second group however, are fans expecting Steve to go straightforward into shredding. Those who prefer the live version of Steve, where guitar plugged in to just pleased the crowd with his awesome heavenly technique without the needed to include complication and bizarre engineered sounds. I’m big half majority prefer to this group.

In this album, fans of the second group can breathe freely since, Steve gone into less abstract sound and play the guitar in better proportion in shredding and soloing. Of course there are big rooms in his song where unthinkable thing still happening, we shall take a look.

The opening song, The Story of Light began with spoken female voice. This feature is the background soundtrack of the music here later. Vocalize line incorporated nicely and stay much in the memory and become part of the music. Guitar playing itself started with slow two minutes building up the intro, before arrived the first licks, and yes, it is straightforward shredding tunes we waiting for. Velorum followed, this is heavier riff opening song. We quickly need to mentioned supporting cast here, faithful disciple Dave Weiner appointed again as supporting guitarist. Veteran Philip Bynoe in bass and drummer Jeremy Colson. The moment of shock need to appear in Vai music, and the third song, John The Revelator. This is gospel theme vocal song, something that not really preferred from Steve Vai. Interesting point is, Blind Willie Johnson vocal engineered into this song, from the canonical movie, “Crossroad”. This song then medley into Book of the Seven Seals, still using the theme of Revelation Books by John the Patmos from the Bible. This song is catchy Walt Disney’s feel. It remind you exactly the soundtrack of Hercules.

Creamsicle Sunset is clean chorus acoustic guitar composition. It’s rather a filler, but the setup sound already part of Steve Vai album in many occasion. We then bring back to shredding in Gravity Storm which will pleased everybody. Then the seventh song, Mullach A’tsi is the reserved ballad track. The song play much in sliding tunes emulating the fretless folk string instrumental. The Moon And I is again vocal song, seven minutes long as we force to wait until Steve Vai concentrate to hi fretboard again. Weeping China Doll as titled, is weeping and sweeping guitar tune from Vai. Last parts of the album contained only one more Steve Vai singing track, No More Amsterdam and then we get two more instrumental tracks.

So, The Story Of Light, contained more instrumental tracks and much will pleased the crowd. This is rather light experimental album than previous “Real Illusions: Reflections”. The first two vocal song, John The Revelator and Book of the Seven Seal actually enjoyable vocal track, whenever possible we need to praise Steve Vai to encourage him hired more singers rather than doing himself. Big word in music by the guitar maestro of 21st century. Spiritual influence, new age and oriental illusions are his background concept. We still listen to Steve Vai sounds, Steve Vai licks and madness, in very consistent way since the previous twenty years. Each song is inspirational and writing review on this album flow easily just by listening to his music.

Metalharem class: ********* nine stars out of ten

Steve Vai The Story Of Light
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1."The Story Of Light"  6:15
2."Velorum"  6:09
3."John The Revelator"  3:40
4."Book Of The Seven Seals"  3:56
5."Creamsicle Sunset"  3:30
6."Gravity Storm"  5:33
7."Mullach A'tSi"  3:56
8."The Moon And I"  7:18
9."Weeping China Doll"  6:11
10."Racing The World"  3:45
11."No More Amsterdam"  4:15
12."Sunshine Electric Raindrops"  4:15

•Steve Vai - guitar (all tracks) and vocals (tracks 8, 11)
•Dave Weiner - guitar
•Philip Bynoe - bass
•Jeremy Colson - drums
•Deborah Henson-Conant - harp
•Beverly McClellan - vocals (track 3)
•Aimee Mann - vocals (track 11)
•Bernie Grundman – mastering

Artwork cover that resembling previous artwork, together with future release to form trilogy of concept album.

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