For All Eternity - Beyond the Gates 2012

For All Eternity is Australian premiere metal act, precisely a Christian Metal band in metalcore community. In this first studio album debut, the band seems immediately jump into the fire of Australian metal scenes and perhaps a bit further to the rest of the world in a short coming. Their social network official site is hits by 40k likes which mean this band is hot. The album titled Beyond the Gates is packed with twelve metalcore offerings. Mostly in the standard formula of groove metal rhythm + growling vocal + leading melodic line + clean vocal chorus.

Born is the introduction here leading to song Vacant Room. A short groove and panning guitar riff intro bring in the song. The chorus is done nicely in answering the growling verse with the “My mind, an empty room with no windows to see through…..”. Broken Hands is start with awesome acoustic guitar, give the song a memorable introduction. Layered leading guitar runs side by side within the verses and choruses. The song’s structure are well developed especially in the clean vocal break in “..What could I do, what could I say, that could make this pain go away…”. The Wide Path is the song best demonstrated the usage of guitar line as backed up melody to the growling vocal. Solid Ground comes with close resembling of (early) Avenged Sevenfold things, with lead vocalist and drummer sing a duet right from the beginning and with such thunderous outcome, understandable their top song in chart so far. The song flow slightly altered with coming up tracks, Renewer, which is start with wet chorus guitar licks and creative drumming. Then the real round up was done by instrumental track Bright Eyes. Once again the guitar didn’t go beyond shredding area but simply just done the leading melody line in ambient metal feel. In the second round of disc, Beyond the Gates is total worship ballad piano song, done in clear vocal. And the finale Victory end the album in great feel, concluded well thematical and musical with its closing chorus and piano epilogue.

For All Eternity sure success in bringing triumphant smile to the genre, more to come the metalcore is now a step closer to the believer crowd. For those who didn’t mind, actually in this genre , the themed sung is rarely an obstacle to enjoy the music, so why matter. Singer Shane Carroll performed the song in powerful voice , break in all necessary shattering screams layered by drummer Michael Buckley wet reverb soaring clean voice. Guitars doing fantastic groove riff in places with guitar melody back the vocal line. No pure guitar solos in this album, which defined their metalcore style. Finale words, of course this is another worthy album to pick for metalcore fans, especially for fans of connected faith.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

For All Eternity Beyond the Gates 2012
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2.Vacant Room
3.Broken Hands
4.The Wide Path
5.Solid Ground
7.Bright Eyes (Instrumental)
8.Awake To The Sound
10.All That Awaits
11.Beyond The Gates

Shane Carroll - Vocals
Michael Buckley - Drums/Vocals
Jeremy Mosiejczuk - Guitar
Nicholas Page - Guitar

Album cover artworks

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