Frank Hannon - Six String Soldiers 2012

I’m a fans of Tesla’s music. Back in the 90s their album Psychotic Supper was one of my favourite package. Nowadays Tesla is in less aggressive status, but Frank Hannon, the guitarist, give us new album to remember him as guitar hero from that great band. Frank Hannon released Six String Soldier earlier this month,  an album performing edgy blues rock guitar playing. This album sounds not much like Tesla, but more hard rock with thick blues vocal line in each songs.

The album started with I’m Alive , an crunchy opening riff which then layered by another leading riff. This is a multiple layered guitar rhythms with excellent vocal line. Guest legend guitarist Pat Travers performed on this song. Set Me Free started with harmonica licks which bring to thick Southern blues feel. Then come an instrumental guitar track called Six String Soldiers. Again, Frank Hannon created energetic rock n’ roll licks performed by multi layered guitars here. Lipstick, Smoke and Gasoline give a very memorable chorus in a more groove driven bass song. Invinsible is the only song stayed away from the root and rather play in modern hard rock style. We also enjoy an acoustic ballad Cross Your Mind in the light of glam rock style. This, together with Love, Life and Beauty make up two of most gospelic emotional tracks on the album. There still two tracks featuring guest guitarist , Touch the Ground with Dickey Betts and To The Light featuring Rick Derringer.

We again reach the nice conclusion on recommended this very guitar orientated hard rock album to hard rock fans. Most of the song reminiscence very close the the 80-90 era. Phrases and vocal line sound familiar to the ear. I’m thinking album of Poison’s late era. This is excellent solo effort by Frank. Not forget supporting guitarist Mike Araiza who performed tremendous rock n roll feel licks every elsewhere. Singer Jeff Sandoval as mentioned before, sing in faithful ’80 feel style.

Metalharem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Frank Hannon - Six String Soldiers 2012
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1. I’m Alive (feat. Pat Travers)
2. Set Me Free
3. Six String Soldiers
4. Lipstick, Smoke and Gasoline (feat. Dave Meniketti)
5. Invincible
6. Cross Your Mind
7. Touch the Ground (feat. Dickey Betts)
8. I’m Just Sayin’
9. Love, Life and Beauty
10. To the Light (feat. Rick Derringer)
11. Redemption
12. 12.21

Frank Hannon – guitar
Jeff Sandoval – vocals
Mike Araiza – guitar

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