Dragony - Legends 2012

When I put the word "Dragony" to Google it is surprisingly amusing, how less people using that as a band name. Good news, because I’m in search for the new band stand brave on this name and found them easily. Let’s enjoy another fantasy power metal project, Dragony, a band, hailed from Switzerland Vienna, Austria. is our next storyteller. They were first started out as a side project, code name ‘The Dragonslayer Project’ but then decided to upgrade it as a full job. Legends is their debut release, this is 100% our familiar power metal with fantasy lyric and dragonslaying story.

To started everything, an overture “Of Legends…” are a nice shoot. Burning Skies come shortly, opened with riff, keyboards layered and screaming, this is promising starts for the next sixty minutes fantasy. Song are nicely composed, the dark voice , screaming and harmony chorus allocated correctly in their best place. Additional help from Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear is good strategy to get this album to the crowd. The  band also seems directly quote themselves with ancestor of the genre, such as Helloween, in their second song Land of the Broken Dreams and its “Save Us ….” Quote.  Dragonslayer is basic of power metal, galloping drum, fill in brass and dragon slaying choruses.

Vaults of Heaven is one of the highlight of the album, minor scale chorus executed nicely in harmonious vocal. Perfect solos by both guitarist and keyboardist. The song singlehand-ly stand Dragony away from just a generic band. The breaking ice here is track The Longest Night. Open with concept intro , this is eight minutes epic symphonic metal , included choir and female singer. Climax mood are stronger in the last part of the album, where three songs completed the finale section.

What we just gone through is up standard power metal formula. Dragony surely will survive the ocean of this genre. Singer Siefried Samer is clean and high screamer, his characteristic is in Tobias Sammet vibes. Their musicians also success in combining all the fundamental aspect of symphonic and power metal. Finale song, Alcador actually sums up all their potential, from excellent composition of music, to the ability to composed something as in Avantasia project, with many guest singer performing. Serious newcomer in the business by Dragony.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Dragony Legends (2012)
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1. Of Legends… (Intro)
2. Burning Skies
3. Land Of Broken Dreams
4. Dragonslayer
5. Wings Of The Nights
6. The Vaults Of Heaven
7. The Longest Night
8. The Hero's Return
9. The Ride
10. Alcador

Siegfried Samer - Vocals
Georg Lorenz - Keyboards
Daniel Stockinger - Guitars
Andreas Poppernitsch - Guitars
Frederic Brünner - Drums
Herbert Glos - Bass

Ralf Scheepers (Primar Fear) guest-sings in the fast “Burning Skies”.
Tom Tieber (ECLIPTICA)
Katarina Bilak (SIREN'S CRY)
Thomas Buchberger (SERENITY)
Phil Porter (SIREN'S CRY)
Sergio Tallo Torres


  1. Thank you very much for the great review! We just would like to point out that we're actually from Vienna (Austria), not from Switzerland ;) But it's close, hehe.


  2. Our bad... but it's great you guys get into this. I'll edit it, thanks and great rocking.

    1. No problem, thanks for the correction! :)



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