Daniele Liverani - Eleven Mysteries 2012

Although Daniele Liverani already burst out with several high profile metal projects, such as Genius The Rock Opera series, Khymera, Twin Spirit and Cosmic, he seems to be still unknown outside. Perhaps his exceptional skill as composer get more luck in the instrumental shredding genre, where this new album Eleven Mysteries took out the attention of shredding fans. In this eleven tracks of guitar composition, we again blow out by his music.

Daniele Liverani is following the Italian shredding school, fundamental in neo classical licks. His first song Mysterious Impulse take the intro high with blitzkrieg alternate picking licks. Right after that the sweeping, arpeggios, and diminished scale continue to be part of the song composition as the neo classical shredding famous at. On the next track Inspiration, Daniele incorporated more progressive structure and tempo. The song has outstanding musicianship with keyboard and drumming part all required higher specification of skill. Nervous Forces switch the mood to heavier and darker. Not only fast song we have, Supreme Gladness is a piano introduction followed by bluesy composition. After a more light rock feel All Is Pure, come Giving, which is Yanni influenced piano and guitar takes.

Then come Humiliation that start with killer groove. Regeneration is a generic neo classical lick exploitation. Freedom is more heavy metal riff thing, Survive try to get some Mike Portnoy lick drum into the standard heavy metal and a twist of jazz thumbing bass here. Then the album closed with last track Eternal, which is longest composition at seven minutes with darker, heavier and fastest shred.

This is no mean a standard neo classical shred album. It has all aspect required to be your CD permanent resident, if you are shredding fans. Musicianship are top scale, all bassist, keyboard and drummer is in his own class when performing Daniele’ composition, and they very talented. That mean you got to aware keyboardist Marco Zago, bassist Tony Dickinson, and drumer Paco Barilla for their next endeavor in music. One of top album in guitar this year.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Daniele Liverani – Eleven Mysteries 2012
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01. Mysterious Impulse (4:33)
02. Inspiration (3:33)
03. Nervous Forces (4:58)
04. Supreme Gladness (4:19)
05. All Is Pure (4:00)
06. Giving (5:27)
07. Humiliation (4:13)
08. Regeneration (4:31)
09. Freedom (3:55)
10. Survive (5:29)
11. Eternal (7:09)

keyboards by MARCO ZAGO

All songs written by DANIELE LIVERANI except "Giving" written by MARCO ZAGO

Original photo "Winter Street" by JOSEPH PETREK
All background textures and images by BRENDA CLARKE
Label: Lion Music

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