Steelwing Zone of Alienation 2012

With a name as stellar as Steelwing, this band did not let us down. Here comes kick ass young talents from Sweden. I am half year late to this album, Zone of Alienation, released around January 2012. Their style roots in heavy metal, tunes are close reference to Iron Maiden and the NWOBHM. They were winner of 2009 Rock the Nation award, secured their studio deal from this achievement and already released a debut in 2010. As the album title  Zone of Alienation suggested, Steelwing choose the future timeline as background story.

This mean the date need to bring forward as far as 2097 A.D. The introduction done in synth loop ended in rather under sound drum fill. Luckily the guitar riff on the intro motive immediately bring in the metal mood. The song faithful in heavy metal ala Powerslave era of Iron Maiden, especially the guitar solo interlude. Full Speed Ahead! is nice song done in speed metal feel and fit in the chorus Full Speed Ahead. The interlude again quote more from Iron Maiden with a twist in minor scale around 2:00, then followed by twin guitars leading melody. Breathless is the standard power chord riff make it easier tune to enjoy. Lyric wise the three songs provided good integration between the mood of music and its lyric. They are rather not in serious follow the story mode, but rather relax and easy. In a rather curiously titled song, Tokkotai (Wind of Fury) Steelwing success once again sneak in groove of Iron Maiden as their decorations.

The album title song, Zone of Alienation focus more into the vocal singing, where the singer demonstrated his agility and dynamic voice. And if you missed Losfer Words (Big ‘Orra), the next track They Came From The Skies is there for you. Then as many great metal album is, the closing track is epic 10 minutes composition Lunacy Rising. This is rather conceptual arrangement serves as epilogue to the album.

There were many reasons for the band to be proud on this album. This is a Steel gone Iron melting pots in many many ways. Running bass line is dominant and close to Steve Harris things. Guitars solos are ready whenever it needed. Then the singer is the upper voice singing beast, able to fill in the gap with its screaming licks. Make sure do not missed this album in the next occasion.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Steelwing Zone of Alienation 2012
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01. 2097 A.D.
02. Solar Wind Riders
03. Full Speed Ahead!
04. Breathless
05. Tokkotai (Wind of Fury)
06. Zone of Alienation
07. The Running Man
08. They Came From The Skies
09. Lunacy Rising

Oscar Astedt– Drums
Alex Vega– Guitar
Robby Rockbag– Guitar
Riley – Vocals
Nic Savage– Bass
Artwork by Dimitar Nikolov

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