Crow7 Symphony of Souls 2012

This is another case where the band’s images take preemptive assumption. Multiply with the album cover , Crow 7 and album Symphony of Souls looks dark and heavier indicated a visual advise that this may be for extreme metal consumption. A deeper research tells the band campaign themselves as Promero, Progressive metal rock band. Something must be up there to give the band members, all hailed from Germany, the slightest idea to invent their new style. We then introduced to band’s brain member Corbin Eved which handle the guitar and vocals. Starting as Corbin’s solo project, Crow7 evolved into quartet and this is their third studio release.

The album starts with Symphony of Souls. It is not a bang start, but rather dark hard rock / progressive rock in a slow build up. As for metal progression, none are really technically fantastic ala Dream Theater or Symphony X. Addition of female backing vocal try to raise the atmosphere into epic and symphonic.  Street of Slaver still with us in the progressive rock territory, some good moment in the middle of song where speech effect comes nicely with a little bass line. Shiva Sigh is got more metal than the first two songs, even included the growling backing vocal there. The Guide is good song to explain the progressive metal rock invention, the song is progressive rock with metal riffing and drumming in the body. So, that’s first four introduction tracks from the album. We still giving sample of 15 items to careful examine the band’s unique style. Symphonic metal intro is also the band’s favourite way to begin the songs, listen to Spawn of Evil and Breed of Crime. Winner of the Quest is ‘80s Queensryche feel although then development to melodic metal pieces.

And that’s all the exhausting 75 minutes on Crow7. Must say the band rather serious in proclaiming new term as they mixed up many elements of metal. From power metal and rather brief shoot of symphonic feel, all experimented. What still less involved here is the present of super shredder to give each song killer moments. Corbin Eved singing style is toward the hard rock / AOR feel,which defined most of song into blur territory of the two combined style. So, read carefully and sample the songs prior so that you not jump into conclusion , especially with the band’s name as heavier as Crow7 and the album cover as dark as Archangel in apocalypse style.

Crow 7 Symphony of Souls 2012 
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01. Symphony of Souls
02. Street of Slaver
03. Shiva Sigh
04. The Guide
05. Kingdom of Calm
06. Spawn of Evil
07. Dirty Lies
08. Virtual Reality
09. Great Spirit
10. Winter Breeze
11. Breed of Crime
12. Ocean of Fire
13. Winner of the Quest
14. The Final Ride
15. Where Do We Go Now

Corbin Eved – Leadvox & Guitar
Seth Aban – Guitar & Backingvox
Gideon Vanth – Bass & Screamings
Janus Mantus – Drums

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