Tacere - At World's End 2012

Tacere is quite new female fronted symphonic  metal from Finland. The very distinguished on the band is the singer singing style. This is sounds like symphonic metal with Gwen Stefani /No Doubt in front of the microphone. Putting all best into their second album, At World’s End, Tacere bringing new bloods into the female fronted band galore.

All three first songs, Break Me, The Storm Inside and Absolute Power, display the band’s unique blend between heavy side to singer Taiya feminism singing. Absolute Power is doing the contrast between male and female exchanging line duet. This is something like Epica, Within Temptation and No Doubt combined. Especially when song Tears (You Don’t Know Me) come in, a very dynamic in singing required to respond the unique beat there. Song writing are something strong area in Tacere, with most of songs well composed. Drowning In Myself is example where the combination of male and female duet done well by song writing. The instrumental solos giving only brief spot light. Usually in this style the instrumentation are less demanding, mostly song passed without solos and such as Let Me Go, only given a brief intro. One song, The Artist, are pure piano and vocal track worth to listen in admiring the singer’s style.

With many crowd of similar band on this female fronted style metal, Tacere is able to pull out herself. The singer Taiya contributed in bringing more dynamic, strong characteristic vocal into Tacere. Guitars are mostly additional rhythm element with piano and synth take care the music interlude. Drumming is fine as many songs required technical difficult speed and groove. Tacere  hopefully able to develop into respectable female fronted band in the future, this album gives much hope upon that.

Metalharem class: ****** seven stars out of ten

Tacere At World’s End 2012 
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1. Break Me 04:03
2. The Storm Inside 03:22
3. Absolute Power 03:55
4. Tears (You Don't Know Me) 03:50
5. Your Game, My Pain 06:13
6. Let Me Go 03:53
7. Without My Soul 04:05
8. The Last Change 04:08
9. Downing in Myself 05:48
10. At World's End 04:20
11. The Artist 04:26

Pekka Pyrhönen, Bass
Jarno "Jake" Vanhanen, Drums
Karri Knuutila, Vocals, Guitars, Programming
Veli-Matti Kananen, Keyboards
Taiya R., Vocals (female)

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