Wind Rose Shadows Over Lothadruin 2012

Italy, the Holy Land of power metal, born now Wind Rose. Initially as a trio, Wind Rose now is a complete quintet formation band playing in the style of Rhapsody of Fire. Their debut album, Shadows Over Lothadruin is once again based on detail story of legendary land Lothadruin, invented by guitarist Claudio Falconcini.

So of course the story need a Prelude,  to prepare yourself embrace into the storyline of Lothadruin. First Endless Prophecy, come in as thunderous opening symphonic power metal combined with element of progressive metal. The vocals are generally divided into two voices, mid and higher tenor voice. Siderion is a nice folk metal introduction going into progressive directions, and there comes things to praise, the duet of keyboards and guitars solos. In between song, Wind Rose inserted soundtrack effects, which titled as song and make up over a dozens of song titled in the list. Son of a Thousand Nights come in as early slow song, necessary to respond to the storyline. The Fourth Vanguard is back to progressive composition. Majesty in the next line follow with over two minutes of overture intro, to make up nine minutes of epic song, providing the highpoint in the middle of the album. Two song next, Led By Light is enough to convince me that this album is consistently great. Close to the End is finale ala Rhapsody of Fire, where ten minutes of epilogue is needed to close the chapter with a triumphant feeling.

Historically, the band listed themselves as cover band to Symphony X, Dream Theater and Blind Guardian. This is exactly the three bands need to associated to them and their output in this debut album can be narrowed into these three band style. Clearly the band skills are competent enough to composed and executed them, potentially a very interesting band to watch in the future.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Wind rose Shadows Over Lothadruin 2012
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1. Prelude
2. Endless Prophecy
3. (The Tournament)
4. Siderion
5. (The Grand March)
6. Son of a Thousand Nights
7. The Fourth Vanguard
8. (Dark Horizon)
9. Majesty
10. (The Havoc)
11. Oath to Betray
12. Led by Light
13. (Sacred Fount)
14. Moontear Sanctuary
15. (Vererath)
16. Close to the End

Francesco Cavalieri – Vocals
Daniele Visconti – Drums
Alessio Consani – Bass
Claudio Falconcini – Guitars
Federico Meranda – Keyboards

Fantasy artwork for Wind Rose

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