Heaven Rain - Second Sun 2012

Heaven Rain is a symphonic power metal band, female fronted, hailed from Republic of Srpska (please Google it). The singer name Miona Graorac interestingly sings more in the lower alto territory. So this is not your high pitch power metal song. Instrumentation, Heaven Rain, especially this album we talking about, Second Sun, is thick in synth, generic power metal sounds, enough riff and solo guitars and slightly progressive structuring. Although they also called themselves progressive metal band, I think not much shown in Second Sun. Add in all elements described above, yes Heaven Rain is quite has its own sounds.

After the prelude, Heaven Rain is the self titled song built up from the synth beat combined with guitar riff. The song itself  in good power metal spirit, as mentioned prior, sing in lower pitch than average female voice we familiar with. Dreamless is more melodic approach, with song influence range from Lunatica to Amberian Dawn. Miona characteristic singing is best put in front in this song. One thing stand up also is their utilization of percussion beat as shown in song My Only Me. The album titled song Second Sun is very close with Angtoria’s songs. Face of Misery is rather fast tempo compare to others. The breaking point is on ballad song, Nowhere, then we have four other fast tracks, including a cover song sing in native language, Veijte Snegori.

Fans of symphonic metal will find this easy to listen. Beside the singer unique voice, instrumentation are mostly standard. The characteristic of Miona’s voice led me to believe she can be great in hard rock territory as well. Keyboard are fully responsible for some of solos on these songs. Orchestrations are important in producing the right mood on most songs. Nice addition to your symphonic metal shelf.

Metalharem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Heaven Rain – Second Sun 2012
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1. Close To Dawn
2. Heaven Rain
3. Dreamless
4. My Only One
5. Second Sun
6. Face Of Misery
7. Nowhere
8. Raven In Heart
9. When Day Fades To Dark
10. At The End Of Time
11. Veijte Snegori

Miona Graorac - vocals
Goran Bastinac - keyboards
Igor Dragelj - guitars
Bojan Joksic - bass guitar
Nebojsa Lakic- drums

Heaven Rain Second Sun cover album artwork

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