Andre Matos - The Turn of The Lights 2012

It’s good to hear from Andre Matos again. His latest voice was probably in the project Symfonia just a year ago 2011, now here he comes with his third solo album, The Turn of The Lights, released August 2012. Following his team are Angra’s ex guitarist Andre Zaza Hernandes, Viper’s guitarist  Hugo Mariutti and Aclla’s bassist Bruno Ladislau. Andre back to his melodic metal expertise with strong symphonic feel as in Angra and Sha(a)man.

The first song Liberty bring in the minor mood ala power metal, drummer Rodrigo Silveira guide the guitar intro licks and red carpeting Andre Matos to join with his singing. We are now in the body of melodic metal song with Andre’s voice as main object of pleasure. Course of Life is marked with grandeur orchestral intro melody to open a fast power metal song. The song has sweet guitar interlude , twisting the middle song into slow and epic break, before continuing to fast track again. Titled song, The Turn of The Lights is change of mood into darker and heavier metal. Which is also marks the album into wider style other than a galloping power metal feel. First, Gaza comes as ballad surrounded by strings and piano. Jump to On Your Own is a brave experimental, rather progressive composition.  Same thing to Unreplaceable which showcase guitarists in service their latest shred invention. Several power and heavy tracks then album close with another ballad, Sometimes. For bonus is Angra cover song Wings of Reality, and I think fans are going to buy the album for the existence of this tracks alone.

My favourite Andre Matos project is in his Shaman years. This album although not in the same context, and same power metal level as Shaman, but compare to two previous solo albums, this one got positive improvements. Andre now not only rely his composition to his magic voice, but allowed the team's musicians to help in development as well, resulting in more intrusion into non power metal area. Half of the album are going into this directions and for me it’s a positive move from him. Musicians supports this album in great details, drummer and bassist are enjoy diverse style of rhythm and highlights. A strong release by the maestro of metal voice.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Andre Matos The Turn of The Lights 2012
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01. Liberty
02. Course Of Life
03. The Turn Of The Lights
04. Gaza
05. Stop!
06. On Your Own
07. Unreplaceable
08. Oversoul
09. White Summit
10. Light-Years
11. Sometimes
12. Wings Of Reality [Angra cover]

Andre Matos vocals
Hugo Mariutti guitars
Andre ‘Zaza’ Hernandes guitars
Bruno Ladislau bass
Rodrigo Silveira drum

CD box and cover artwork

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