Striker - Armed To The Teeth 2012

The huge land of Canada continued bring us new player in metal. Coming from Alberta, Striker is the band what we called speed metal, but they are very in between. They are build up from 80s spirit, so get the mind of NWOBHM, speed metal and Canadian influence such as Exciter, Anvil altogether in Striker menu. In this 2012 album, Armed To The Teeth, they strike well in combining all those elements in one album.

The first song, Forever is done in the spirit of double guitar attack and uncompromised ‘80s vocal tones. We quickly understand that their mixing actually try to recreate the ’80 sound as well. Musically, they discard most of complication in song structure and instead focus on their singing and guitar playing. Those songs that wrap naked without much make up can be heard in Let in Burn, Fight For Your Life, Feed My Fire, and All The Way. These are fresh speed metal music we can expected these year. In some song, Striker actually able to sneak in bits of interesting moment, such as intro in Lethal Force that build up into songs only after rounds of riff development. In Wolf Gang, we also get the neo classical licks incorporated into speed metal song. No slow tracks in this album, instead most of the songs are speed madness playground for the drummer.

Of course there are plenty of guitar solos recorded and suit for each song. Crunchy rhythm and vintage out of dated distortion are main frequency in harmonizing the song. Singer Dan Cleary put in effort in bringing the nostalgic speed metal scream. So, simply saying, Armed To The Teeth able to bring attention back to this seemingly unpopular genre back to life. Although majority done in straight forward three minutes songs, Striker also eager to try out another style that suitable to the composition.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Striker Armed To The Teeth 2012
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2.Let It Burn
3.Lethal Force
4.It Could Be Worse
5.Fight for Your Life
6.Land of the Lost
7.Wolf Gang
8.Feed My Fire
9.All the Way
10.Can't Stop the Rush

Dan Cleary - Lead Vocals
Ian Sandercock - Lead, Rhythm Guitar
Chris Segger - Lead, Rhythm Guitar
Dave Arnold - Bass
Adam Brown - Drums

Cover Artwork

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