Lykaion Nothing But Death 2012

There’re several things I missed about this band and album. First the band’s name, Lykaion is somehow epic sounding, giving me a pre assumption that this may be a power metal band. Secondly, the album cover is a landscape artwork, bring in progressive theme in my mind. Then the band’s native land is Italian, where power metal and neo classical rule more often. These clues didn’t works at all. Lykaion is different altogether regardless all the things above. In this debut album, Nothing But Death, they are actually hard for me to define. The general style is still heavy metal, but without that epic riff and solos. It’s also zero outcome when I try to find similar band, maybe this is really not my area of comfort. The (slightly) growling and harsh vocal is close more to the land of America’s metalcore style but Lykaion still lack the needed groove in this area. So, in short Lykaion seems playing something unique, modern heavy metal style.

The first three songs all played in same feel, with metalcore simplicity structure and harsh vocal in it, Nothing But Death is modern sounding with acoustic guitar licks calmly bring introduce the band, very US for me than European. Then there is Empty , a song that contained gothic and doom metal elements in its. The opposite are The Dance and Passion Kills, which are heavy tunes and now move to thrash metal thing. Fuck You (I Love Myself) is again back to metalcore feel with its groovy elements. Last part of album fill by three rather “standard” heavy metal songs, Sick Love, Together and Dimenticherai.

Lykaion need examination to understand their roots, mostly they are more US modern heavy metal which depends to their simplicity, groove and harsh singing. Musicians are clean and professional for the fact that this is their official debut album, although claimed to played music since 2003. Solos guitar are keep simple and sometimes skip altogether. Singer are sounds professional and fit into each songs. The only issue about this album is to find suitable fans for the band unique style. Praise still need to be addressed to the band because in this album, is nowhere sophomore materials.

Lykaion Nothing But Death 2012
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1. Nothing But Death
2. A Cold Summer Day
3. Free from all your fears
4. Empty
5. The Dance
6. Fuck you (I love myself)
7. Passion kills
8. Sick love
9. Together
10. Dimenticherai

Alessandro Sforza- Guitar, vocals
Fabio Valentini- Guitar
Alessandro Esposito- Bass
Andrea Alberati- Drums
Record Label: Bakerteam Records
artwork was handled by Sergio Monfrinotti

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