Darktribe Mysticeti Victoria 2012

Darktribe is French newest answer to the world of power metal. Formed in 2009 by Agnello brothers, they success in signing to German Massacre Records then pulled out debut album Mysticeti Victoria in 2012. Strictly and straight on the track of traditional power metal, Darktribe give us one more power metal madness.

They wouldn’t missed their debut opening without an orchestra overture, Genesis. After that, Taiji is honoured as the band’s first song. A power metal in pure form, epic intro and in the interlude has a very nice melodic guitar solos. Roma XXI is generally very satisfying composition, from Stratovarius like melodic intro to middle solos, the guitarist is understand how exactly tune up a power metal song. Black Meteor started with moments of bass intro then come in power chord riff and layered with keyboards meteoric showers. Lightning Guide comes as serenity point in the middle of storm, it is a ballad metal tracks. They also have fun in Dragonforce-ian speed demonstrated in Poison of Life. Up to the last tracks, Life, Love and Death, Darktribe close this album with high feeling. So that’s all their menus, end notes, this is another outstanding debut album.

Kick to the side about originality issue in this genre, Darktribe put in a skilful power metal performances here. Rhythm and lead guitars are well performed, the distortion tunes also best produce in the right catchy feel. Additional backed up orchestration are fill in the most correct spot. Vocalist Anthony Agnello sounds like a universal style of power metal voice. Bassist Bruno Caprani also giving enough point to highlight his lower frequency instrument. Will not disappoint fans of power metal.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Darktribe Mysticeti Victoria 2012
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1. Genesis 00:50
2. Taiji 06:12
3. Roma XXI 05:39
4. Black Meteor 05:30
5. Lightning Guide 05:08
6. Lost 05:35
7. Poison of Life 06:25
8. Eyes Have You 05:11
9. Beware the God 05:14
10. From Us 00:38
11. Life, Love & Death 07:19

Anthony Agnello - Vocals
Loïc Manuello - Guitars
Bruno Caprani - Bass
Julien Agnello - Drums

Darktribe Cover Artwork

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