Winterstorm - Cathyron (2014)

Lately, a band with "-storm-" as their name suffix / prefix is almost a guaranteed epic. Especially if their first phrase is Winter! This is the second Winterstorm album we have in Metal Harem. And it's looks like the storm is not yet left the shore. The new Cathyron is as epic as their previous album. It's even probably better than that one.  The band formation carried exactly the same from prior release.

The album properly begin with one of most well composed theatrical soundtrack prelude called A Hero Rises. It is enough to create a pause effect when listen to this one, it is not just that 'easy-listening' synthesizer intro mean as formalities in most power metal album. The continuation to the title song, Cathyron is in good connection. A catchy riffs in contrast to the prelude worth the waiting time. In this song pay attention to the folky melodic prelude and of course the power choir in the choruses. We then meet with "Far Away to the mountain you had to go...", and you know the epic choir is still the main dishes. The next, Burning Gates and Windkeepers are two that appeared to be pretty straight forward power metal . A pentatonic riffs in Windkeepers proved that this scale can work epicly in power metal then amazed with the folk dance in the middle break. Then The Maze is something clean vocal track backed with melodious composition. In contrast we got Elders of Wisdom, which is sung in the most masculine vocal thoroughly. Interestingly is in the track Metalavial, again remind us to Manowar's Daze, an arena feel power metal tunes. A short inclusion of Renaissance's organ and chanting is in The Evocation. Then we off the album with another two catchiest song, Call of Darkness and The Element's Strife, with the last song being heavily orchestrated instrumental.

This album is yet another successful re-worked of all power metal ingredients we can found. Elements of folk metal and symphonic metal, enough of power choruses and melodic catch phrases. Blended this all together and the album is close to become favorite of the year. In the member notes, singer Alexander Schirmer is very versatile in creating vocal effects to all the song's demand. This is a must have for serious power metal listener.

Metal Harem class: ********* nine stars out of ten

Winterstorm - Cathyron (2014)
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1. A Hero Rises
2. Cathyron
3. Far Away
4. Burning Gates
5. Windkeepers
6. Down in the Seas
7. The Maze
8. Elders of Wisdom
9. Metalavial
10. The Evocation
11. Call of Darkness
12. The Element's Strife

Peter Cerveny, Bass (ex-Circle of Grief )
Michi, Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Armin, Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Max, Keyboards
Alexander Schirmer, Vocals
Sebastian "Sebb" Albrecht, Vocals, Drums
(also: ex-Circle of Grief)

Winterstorm Cathyron album review

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