Stormwarrior - Thunder & Steele (2014)

For a Viking in metal just check on Stormwarrior. The band has making big noises for about five albums, with Thunder & Steele as their latest one. The theme of sea, Vikings, pirates is their stuffs. I mostly favorite all their works in the past and expected them to continue their good output in this album. Thunder & Steele is still the same quality. All songs are composed in the theme of stormy weather, very fast drumming altogether in '80s power metal choruses.

Thunder & Steele is one of that dejavu choruses we might already hear somewhere but didn't mind to sung it right again. With Metal Avenger as the title of second song, obviously Stormwarrior is doing cameos to what Manowar did in the '80. Hear the nice bass line in this song. Sacred Blade is melodic metal. Ironborn is very close to Helloween. Steelcrusade is interesting straight forward guitar riffs in the intro. Then Die By The Hammer, if you need another Helloween references. Child Of Fyre is the only one easy going song in middle pace tempo. Then listen to the final song of One Will Survive for the last headbanging tunes.

Thunder & Steele is just as the phrases describe, it is lightning pace and titanium solid. This four pieces metal band looks very efficient in all their areas. I like the mixing where the bass is clearly audible as their 'melodic' forces. Some of the songs are heavily influenced by Helloween, bits of Manowar, there also fractions of British speed metal fusion, the like of Saxon. Looks like another solid release by Stormwarrior.

Metal Harem class: ******* eight stars out of ten

Stormwarrior - Thunder & Steele (2014)
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01. Thunder & Steele
02. Metal Avenger
03. Sacred Blade
04. Ironborn
05. Steelcrusader
06. Fyres In The Nighte
07. Die By The Hammer
08. Child Of Fyre
09. One Will Survive
10. Servants Of Metal

Lars Ramcke - vocals, guitar
Alex Guth - guitar
Jens "Yenz Leonhardt" Arnsted - bass, vocals
Jörg Uken - drums

Stormwarrior Thunder & Steele

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