Thaurorod - Anteinferno (2013)

The guys from Thaurorod, translate as 'Mountain of Horror' in Tolkien-ish language, have only two studio albums including this one, but they are on the good track to be the next big thing from Finland. Anteinferno is their second album, the first one was Upon Haunted Battlefield released three years ago. As expected from their band name and cover artwork, this is power metal in its infernoid mode. Even though Anteinferno maintained many of its original album sounds, now half of the band member was new recruit. Most notable is singer Michele Luppi who no more supporting instead replaced by Andi Kravljaca, experienced singer who previous sing in many bands such as Seventh Wonder. The other replacement happened in guitar and keyboard department. In a quick glance Anteinferno sounds much more heavier.

Planet X act as the opener, the song combined speed and melodic in the best way. Best describe as having elements of Rhapsody of Fire, Sabaton and the speed of Dragonforce-ian, put in the same pot.  Heart Of The Lion is standard melodious cut, easily to follow and memorable choruses. Same thing to Overboard, is so melodic in writing that the notes storming from lower key up overboard to highest one. Even more straight forward melodious is Far from Home, galloping choruses, nice phrases in lyrics, all the best in power metal ingredients put in together in this song. And to say the last, all the rest of the song are highly tasty in the same spirit as their opener. Anteinferno come as the longest track, sealing the tradition of power metal album to have one lengthy conceptual song.

This album is consistent in keeping the momentum alive. From the first track to the last one we are not allowed to expected a slight changes of styles or slowdown in tempo. They are all melodic power metal stuffs in Anteinferno. Vocalist Andi Kravljaca is quite a traditional screamer that always aims to the highest pitch available. And I must repeated to say that most song are done in ultra fast double pedal mode, so high credit given to drummer Joonas Pykala-aho. Two studio albums and Finnish may finally get to counter their southern Italian camp in this operatic power metal battle. If you like Rhapsody of Fire, this album, the cover art alone, should give you a reason to have it.

Metal Harem class:  ********* eight stars out of ten

Thaurorod - Anteinferno (2013)
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1. Planet X
2. Heart Of The Lion
3. Overboard
4. Far from Home
5. Victor
6. Marked for Diablo
7. For the Rose to the Grave
8. Anteinferno
9. Path
10. Riders of the Shires

Andi Kravljaca - Vocals
Emil Pohjalainen - Lead guitars
Lasse Nyman - Guitars
Harri Koskela - Keyboards & Piano
Pasi Tanskanen - Bass
Joonas Pykälä-aho - Drums
Record Label: NoiseArt Records

Thaurorod Anteinferno album review

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