Deliverance - Hear What I Say! (2013)

Deliverance is American Christian Thrash metal, already on the pulpit since 1989. Hear What I Say!, released December 2013, is their tenth studio album. Deliverance is on their edge for being close down, and this album remarked their comeback and also their future next break up. At least that what the news about this album. In general the album is a mixed styles, ranging from thrash metal and some cross over between modern groove metal + thrash metal.

After solemn piano intro in Liber 111, The Annals of Subterfuge starts by a delicious aggressive guitar riffs. Hailed from LA, Deliverance bring along a lot of classic '80s influence from the area and this song immediately remind us on thrash metal from there. Angst on other hand infused new metal sounds of the '90s, combining nu-metal / rap metal into it. Hope Lies Beyond is kind of Queensryche influence, the band that connected to band leader Jimmy Brown. Detox is pretty much the combination of previous three, thrash-nu-Queensryche things with that low pitch guitar riffs. Passing is the most modern sounding of all. A Perfect Sky is devoted guitar acoustic ballads. Then they inserted one interesting Iron Maiden cover of Where Eagles Dare.

Pretty much balance album with coverage of thrash metal and modern metal ideas. The liberty of transfusing Christianity theme into their lyric is not become an issue rather now it's just another idea to heavy metal. All four musicians behind the band all superb in their creations. This album can do justice to close Deliverance story, if that is the desired future of them.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

Deliverance - Hear What I Say (2013)
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01. Liber 111 (Intro)
02. The Annals of Subterfuge
03. Angst
04. Hope Lies Beyond
05. Detox
06. Nude
07. Passing
08. A Perfect Sky
09. Where Eagles Dare (Iron Maiden Cover)
10. Entgiftung (German Version of Detox)

Manny Morales Bass
Michael Phillips Guitars
Jimmy Brown Vocals, Guitars
Jayson Sherlock Drums

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