Winterstorm Kings Will Fall

Winterstorm is registered name to several bands, so to made clear this is about the young power metal band from Germany. If you ever need a blend between Hammerfall, Blind Guardian, Manowar and Ensiferum here you comes another epic-power-folk metal album. Titled as Kings Will Fall this is Winterstorm second studio release. Apart from the power metal that already repeated many times, this is your pure “We are the stormsons ruling all the ice….” chorus power metal.

The Legend Reborn put a short narration as the album intro. Return To Glory opening didn’t failed to give us clue that we are exactly in the middle of power metal storm. Epic double pedal drumming lead to power choruses, interlude with folk metal elements are put in nicely. The “We are the Stormsons ….. “ choruses continue to flow as upcoming second song. Sail The Unknown Seas come with Viking / Pirates metal theme. In Time We Trusts is Manowar like all tenor choruses accompanying with folk percussion, a nice break in the middle of the album. Then lead to Kings Will Fall that answering with great folk metal with furious riff and sword crossing drumming. Winterstorm also give in high string intro to enjoy a bit in the symphonic metal taste. Up to this point seems like the album already put in very enjoyable songs, as we continue to heavy metal riff intro of Stronger, it is also the same case. Fire of Dreams is minor chorus that remind me to classic 80s Europe song (think “Dreamer). Break The Ice and Dragonriders are two closing song with different feel, the first one is another orchestral ballad then the last song is designated riff to end the album with a bang.

So, another power metal album that all around good. Winterstorm seems put in the compendium of best metal riff in this album. Combination of folk and power metal elements result only in good thing here. Singer Alexander Schirmer take all the songs in wonderful shape. The dual guitars of Michi and Armin give enough shred and flash to the guitar works. If you need a basic all around power metal album with spices of folk metal element, get Kings Will Fall.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Winterstorm Kings Will Fall 2012
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01. The Legend Reborn (Intro)
02. Return To Glory
03. The Stormsons
04. Sail The Unknown Seas
05. In Time We Trust
06. Kings Will Fall
07. Into The Light
08. Stronger
09. Fire Of Dreams
10. Break The Ice
11. Dragonriders

Peter Cerveny, Bass (ex-Circle of Grief )
Michi, Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Armin, Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Max, Keyboards
Alexander Schirmer, Vocals
Sebastian "Sebb" Albrecht, Vocals, Drums
(also: ex-Circle of Grief)

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