Kerion - Cloudriders Part 1 Road to the Skycity (2012)

Kerion is a power / symphonic metal band hailed from France, female fronted and already recorded two albums previously. This new album called CloudRiders Part 1 Road to the Skycity is their latest endeavor. This maybe didn't ring much bell, although the title is interesting new kind of story line. However, take a look in details you will soon realized something fishy, and big fish inside the package. Let me give you a quick run through  in album :

1. Phil Giordana from Symphonic Epic band Fairyland . Phil is leading the 40 members choir , Rimiez Choir in this album. So expect a massive Fairyland, Rhapsody of Fire level of chorus.

2. Two guest vocalist (+1 with Phil Giordana) CARAVELLUS' Raphael Dantas and SILENT FALL's vocalist Adrien Eyraud.

3. The metal crossing breeding are: 
- Symphonic metal as in Rhapsody of Fire, Fairyland
- Folk metal as in Ensiferum, and something Angra percussion
- Female voice as in Epica
- Power Metal as in Stratovarius
- a technical progressive metal as in Symphony X

4. Producer is Will Lievin guitarist/drummer of HAMKA. 

5. Visual design of artwork is nonetheless by Genzo (World Of Warcraft), see something familiar? He also created characters and scenes of the story.

With such interesting element, we welcome to the first Rider's theme and intro. It is somewhat a little "too generic", something flying high aeroplane RPG theme, with anticipated chorus as the main theme. Be patient because the following up song, The Map come in quickly, started with melodic flute intro, we come to the combination between power folk metal with  characteristic female leading voices. The existence of power chorus are there as well improvisation over the thematic melody in the solos part. Everlasting Flight is very Rhapsody of Fire "telling the story" song.  Bounty Hunter is another interesting song, rather dark, heavy  and more technically difficult piece with progressive metal elements. The Sky is My Ocean is ballad epic showing the singer Flora Spinelli clean and soft voices. The fill in solos is violin in duet with electric guitars. A slow track repeated again only in Celticia's Song, this time the accompanying is with piano. Many of the songs are based on duet between singer Flora with guests, the best maybe in a song Fireblast. And if looking for something vernacular, with many folk elements, it is in an awesome song called Tribal Vibes. The album then close with The Fall of Skycity epic. Eight minutes long as usual, this is the finale of the concept story. Leading chorus and lyric, "... children of the sky..." is memorable and despite being long we can enjoy every bites of second in this composition.

Overall there is more to dig in this Kerion's Cloudriders Road to the Skycity album. The project did not wasted many guests as it is turns out an excellent concept album. Member of Kerion did handled all the technical musicianship required to make this also an enjoyable progressive metal album. Do not missed this one!

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Kerion - Cloudriders Part 1: Road to the Skycity

01.Rider’s Theme (Intro) 02:51
02. The Map 04:45
03. Everlasting Flight 04:27
04. Bounty Hunter 06:24
05. The Sky Is My Ocean 04:26
06. Fireblast 05:49
07. Tribal Vibes 06:41
08. Never More 05:00
09. Celticia’s Song 04:44
10. Ghost Society 06:50
11. The Fall Of Skycity Pt. 1 01:38
12. The Fall Of Skycity Pt. 2 08:13
13. Rider’s Theme (Outro) 01:23

Flora Spinelli - Vocals
Rémi Carrairou - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Sylvain Cohen - Rhythm Guitars
Stéphane Papasergio - Bass
JB - Drums

A Warcraft style of Fantasy art on the cover album

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