Grave Digger - Clash Of The Gods 2012

Surprisingly, Grave Digger is a long servicing heavy metal band, already existed since 1983. Now singer and founder Chris Boltendahl is running the band again and released their 2012 album titled Clash of the Gods. Characteristic by the vocalist unique voice, Grave Digger easily distinguished among other homeland Germany heavy metal bands. They also hold heavy metal faithful to 1980s era.

An introduce prologue song, Charon  starts the album. Also titled Fahrmann Des Todes, telling the story of Charon, the ferryman of Styx river in the underworld. Charon is also Pluto’s satellite name, if you ever remember Astronomy and Science classroom. This set the situation into Hades mythological storyline. Coming next is God of Terror, telling the introduction of Hades himself. For most of this song and rest of album, guitar are set to fat, high end frequency distortion. For association, Grave Digger sounds like Kreator version of heavy metal. Now after meeting Hades, next is Hell Dog. Telling the situation a step deeper into the underworld. What in the chance legendary goddess of Medussa will miss the party, here the song dedicated to the serpent’s goddess. Songs are set from slow intro then developed to faster tempo. Then a calm Mediterranean scale intro begin the song Clash of the Gods. A classic 80s heavy metal tunes, similar to Metal Church, Anvil, Annihilator in their classic years. If you only want to enjoy the signature riff of heavy metal, tune in Death Angel & The Grave Digger and Walls Of Sorrow in the next tracks. Call of the Sirens at least a variation track, come with more deep composition and presented in ballad form. Warriors Revenge return the faster tempo with staccato riffing and powerful drumming. Home At Last and we present the last piece of story coming with another patented guitar riff intro.

Pretty solid as all songs never really loose the attention of my listening. Chorus and song writing related well. Storyline with Hades and Gods background mixed well with Chris’ deep voices. Axeman Axel Ritt definitely knew how to dig basic heavy metal riff into powerful rhythm for each song. I’m not sure if there is keyboards in the album, or perhaps Hans Peter Katzenburg doing a great guitar layered there. Bassist Jens Becker provide high end thumbing bass and Stefan Arnold in drum, answering all required beats for the band. This is fine model album of a heavy metal band with 30 year history.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Grave Digger Clash of the Gods 2012 
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01.Charon (2:19)
02.God Of Terror (4:19)
03.Hell Dog (4:28)
04.Medusa (5:39)
05.Clash Of The Gods (4:53)
06.Death Angel & The Grave Digger (4:22)
07.Walls Of Sorrow (4:43)
08.Call Of The Sirens (5:30)
09.Warriors Revenge (4:00)
10....With The Wind (0:48)
11. Home At Last (3:57)

Chris Boltendahl - Vocals
Axel Ritt - Guitars
Stefan Arnold - Drums
Jens Becker - Bass
Hans Peter Katzenburg - Keyboards

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