Dokken - Broken Bones 2012

One of best attraction in melodic rock of the eighties was Dokken. Surely the band didn't survive much of the nineties grunge / alternative invasion, in 1998 Don the leader dismissed the band but then resurrected them again as fast as in four years later, 2002. Since then the band enjoy the "modern" era, where members are well aware of Dokken history and only interest to maintained the legacy as long as possible, no George Lynch but. I was re-following them since the 2008 album, "Lightning Strikes Again". It was a modest self re-inventing album, and so this upcoming sequel of the 2012's "Broken Bones". To remind again, Jon Levin and Barry Sparks are the guys in the shoe of George Lynch and Jeff Pilson. Both are equivalent to them and actually doing their own great within these years with Don.

For many fans, Dokken was actually more hard rock / blues metal style, so when Empire strikes the first notes on the album in heavy metal riff, we all straightened rabbit ear to follow. Do justice to the track, it is a great opener and easy heavy metal snack for everyone. Broken Bones as the second song, is thick in blues and hard rock style. For the rest of album, guitar licks and solos are flowing very natural along the singing. Victim of the Crime in the middle is another quick recommendation, it is an interesting open string "Kashmirian" licks combined with overall minor-ish feel. Come to Burning Tears is following 80s acoustic ballad, nice for those missed the nostalgic love ballad. And not stop there, Today is also in the same vibe. Fade Away is also recommended, something like Firehouse and in simple minor chord progression.

We are pleased to welcome this latest Dokken's hard work. Songs are mostly "mature" and emphasized on the song writing. Don's vocal is still point of interest in each song. The bulky of melancholic songs give a perfect medium for his voices. His 'sad' voices actually easily sink and when heard again after years, give a great nostalgic values. Guitarist Jon Levin play a solid rule as Dokken's guitarist, no flaws in each soloing and accompanying power chord. Same to the other quartet, bassist Barry (some sources are citing Sean McNabb) and drummer Mick Brown are in equal great contribution to the album. Fans of melodic hard rock is need to examine Dokken Broken Bones.

Metalharem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Dokken Broken Bones 2012
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1."Empire" 3:33
2."Broken Bones" 4:54
3."Best of Me" 4:18
4."Blind"  3:23
5."Waterfall"   2:48
6."Victim of the Crime" 4:30
7."Burning Tears"  4:41
8."Today"  4:20
9."For the Last Time"   3:58
10."Fade Away" 3:46
11."Tonight"  4:57

Band Members
•"Wild" Mick Brown - Drums & Backing Vocals
•Don Dokken - Lead Vocals
•Jon Levin - Lead / Rhythm Guitars
•Barry Sparks - Bass Guitar

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