Chris Bickley Tapestry of Souls 2012

A rather unknown guitarist for me, Chris Bickley is soloist from Connecticut area. His fluency in guitar landed him lucks in that area, having played with bigger artist such as Terri Lane. Lately the internet promotion of his solo album, Tapestry of Souls emerged pretty well. Picked up the disc and the overall impression is positive. The album contains mostly hard rock influence shredding guitar tracks. For those who seeking new guitar virtuoso Chris Bickley is a name for you to follow right now.

One thing is, the album supported by many guest artist. And judge simply from the music produced, the supporting musicians is doing their job well. The opening song Race Car Guy maybe a modest opening, listen to the Scorpions-era licks and melody here, not to mentioned highly performed bassist and drummer in support. See the track list below for the supporting musicians in each tracks. The album also contained four vocalize tracks, we listen to the first one in track two, This Time It's Gonna Hurt. The singer is Jimmy Kunes of Cactus. The track is simply the most appealing hard rock song in the album, the vocal is so mouthwatering that I feel they really should do more track on this chemistry. Fallen is a melancholy minor scale in the vibes of blues rock. We then listen to second vocal song, Crying Shame. This time Kelly Keeling the singer give something Kurt Cobain-like character. Crying Shame is in modern rock mood. The fifth track is instrumental with very thick funky bass line called All Or Nothing and it supported by three other guitarist, nevertheless this is a nice jam between Chris and his guests. Bass is by master bassist Dino Fiorenza. Another vocal tracks is Lead You Astray with singer Chandler Mogel, something like new Gn'R song combined with funk rock of RHCP. Don't miss the title song Tapestry of Souls, a simple semi acoustic instrumental beautify with piano in mellow tempo. After that a brass duet (horn) in instrumental Walk In The Park. Finally big names Mike Vescera is the final guest in song A Step Behind. Of course he better sing something neo classical tunes, with thick harmonic minor song. Truly enjoyable as the last waiting song.

Again this is a gem from a rather unknown artist. Chris Bickley is doing big here, the multi musician supporting are one of main success key here. The supporting bassist all give the music a nice tapestry. The drum is especially nice in sound, most are mixed with nice snare sound that mixed well with Chris rather old amp sounding guitar tones. Chris Bickley deserve the higher publication for this works. In a quick research, Chris actually team up with bassist Dino Fiorenza and formed a band called "Intuition" and to be released album in late 2012. A truly enjoyable instrumental rock guitar album from the new rising star.

Metalharem class: ******* eight stars out of ten

Chris Bickley Tapestry of Souls 2012
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01. Race Car Guy
bass: Eric Klaastad, drum: BJ Zampa

02. This Time It's Gonna Hurt
vocals: Jimmy Kunes, bass:Michael K. Smith, drum: Bobby T Torello

03. Fallen
Bass: Scott Spray drum: Bobby T Torello, keyboard: Vic Steffens

04. Crying Shame
Vocals: Kelly Keeling, bass:Rick Gauthier, drum: Paul Pedroncelli

05. All Or Nothing
Guitars:Vick LeCar,Tom ‘The Suit’ Forst, John Bruno, bass:Dino Fiorenza, drum: Gaetano Nicolosi

06. Chemical Love
Bass: Michael K. Smith, drum: Gaetano Nicolosi

07. Lead You Astray
Vocals: Chandler Mogel, Bass: Rick Gauthier, drum: Paul Pedroncelli

08. Tapestry Of Souls
bass: Alex Pierce, drum: Gaetano Nicolosi

09. Walk In The Park
bass: Chris McCarvill, drum: Gaetano Nicolosi, horns : Bill Holloman

10. A Step Behind
Vocals: Mike Vescara, bass:Michael K. Smith, drum:Michael Giammattei

11. Old No. 9
bass: Dominick Mauro, drum & keyboard: Vic Steffens

Chris Bickley – all guitars
Producer: Vic Steffens
Kelly Keeling: TSO, John Norum, MSG, George Lynch
Chanderl Mogel: Outloud, Talon, Vitalij Kuprij
Mike Vescera: Yngwie Malmsteen, Roland Grapow
Jimmy Kunes: Cactus, Savoy Brown
Bobby T Torello: Johny Winter, Thunderhead
Bj Zampa: House of Lords
Dino Fiorenza: Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert Europe Tour. Marco Sfogli

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