Loudness 2・0・1・2 (2012)

Loudness 2・0・1・2 (2012)
Album Review

How many of us have all Loudness studio albums? I mean that must be a lot since , just like any Asian artist, they released new material almost every year, and in some cases twice. It must be a number more than Iron Maiden live albums for least. This year Loudness released their new material in August, and to give us a break, the album titled as 2・0・1・2. Who ever fans of Akira Takasaki and vocalist Minoru Niihara, this new album is something, it is also stronger and original than the previous 2011 release Eve To The Dawn, which is more experimental. In 2012 Loudness happens to backed their references to the golden years in the 80s and 90s.

To many fans, Loudness is almost the worship of Akira Takasaki, guitar lord from the rising sun empire. The first song of 2012 exactly starts with the high hope that this will be guitar driven heavy metal. Catchy riff begin and voice if Minoru Niihara is still the same as in decades ago. Hence,the first song Stronger open the business well. 2012 End of the Age, is album titled song with lots of heavy metal riff and pentatonic licks. In this level of productivity, of course familiar riff unavoidable, riff like in Break New Ground is typical heavy metal. On the rest of song like Driving Force and Behind The Scene the usage of old school heavy metal riff tricks come in handy to keep us excited. The downside is, the other half of the album just seems additional package, up to The Voice of Metal, that is.

For loyal fans of Loudness this should be serves as bonus stuff from the 80s legend. Songs are great in the first part. Guitar works always dominant attractions in each songs. Singer Minoru Niihara is so unique in heavy metal voice. Drummer Masayuki Suzuki is filling the position of legendaries Munetaka Higuchi and bassist Masayoshi Yamashita didn’t just sit there as background but main accompanist to the band. For a band of 30 years history, this one still kicking ass.

Metalharem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Loudness 2・0・1・2
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01. The Stronger 04:19
02. 2012~End of the Age 04:59
03. Break New Ground 05:07
04. Driving Force 04:54
05. Behind the Scene 05:31
06. Bang'em Dead 04:07
07. The Voice of Metal 04:12
08. Who the Hell Cares 05:50
09. Spirit from the East 02:17
10. Memento Mori 04:38
11. Out of the Space 01:51
12. Deep-Six The Law (Bonus Track) 06:00


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