Joe Stump Revenge of the Shredlord 2012

Thirty years after all those neo classical shreds pioneered by Yngwie Malmsteen, today it is still alive well and have enough room for one or two rounds of spin. Here Joe Stump, an American answer to Yngwie Malmsteen (as it mythically always told) coming with new album full of shred this August 2012. Maybe Joe afraid we will hardly imagine the music, it is titled as Revenge of the Shredlord. This is a more back to basic neo classical album compared to Joe other “revenge” Virtuosic Vendetta album. In Revenge of the Shredlord, Joe simply teach us how to invent new variation over Baroque and neo classical licks.

The Ritual Begins literally when high speed of arpeggios, sweeps and alternate picks begin the revenge process. Not much to gone track by tracks as this is a simple shred, shred and shred album. Two first full track, Man Your Battle Stations and Pistoleros are six minutes works, surprisingly with many variations over a simple arpeggios, harmonic minor and sweeps elements. It seems the licks join one after the another without a pause for thinking. They are well connected and fast. Shredlord’s Sonata is imaginable from the title as it is a neck to neck shredfest. Master Prelude is nylon acoustic to prelude the eight minutes In the Master’s House. This is mellow melancholy composition in the style of neo classical that perfect to accompanied your intimate moments.

The Black Knight’s Castle is pentatonic rock n roll feel to break the icy of neo classical monotonous groove. Enter the Coven will made a perfect power speed metal song, instead it even better as an instrumental. Strat Outa Hell is an accompanied Stratocaster shred pieces. One more round of power metal feel instrumental in White Knuckle Mayhem, The End Approaches is beautiful neo classical and acoustic guitar layered  piece, end this fantastic album.

International acclaim virtuoso and master shredlord Joe Stump is above the cloud. Although most of licks is recycled or we already heard that thousand times, must admit that only few guitarist can come with this high consistency of technical and musical output. If Joe Stump ever thinking to put a vocal in some of his songs (I wish never) he perhaps can break beyond this point. Guitar tunes is classic Fender strat with its twang. Some of the guitar are layered by acoustic guitar. Though not easiest job, but accompanists keyboard, drums and bass only need to enjoy their time playing with the master.  We are hoping this album give a chain reaction to the other neo classical shredlord to take their avenge as well, Yngwie, Michael Angelo Batio, Chris Impelliterri, Francesco Farreri,  to catch up with new album.

Metalharem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Joe Stump Revenge of the Shredlord 2012 
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1. The Ritual Begins
2. Man Your Battle Stations
3. Pistoleros
4. Shredlord's Sonata
5. Master's Prelude
6. In the Master's House
7. The Black Knight's Castle
8. Enter the Coven
9. Evil Beasts Below
10. Strat Outa Hell
11. White Knuckle Mayhem
12. The End Approaches

Joe Stump - Guitar
Jeff Tortora - Drums
James Francis Simpson - Bass
Joe Codi - Keyboards

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