Alex Masi - Danger Zone (2013)

Alex Masi had a long road as a band guitarist and also soloist. Exist since '80s, in his belt is about 15 all instrumental guitar albums. Danger Zone is his latest as per 2013, just three years after his previous Theory of Everything. Alex also had gone a variety of genre in his music, started as heavy metal gone to classical music and others, his latest style seems to switched into more electronic music. As hear in Theory of Everything where a lot of tunes were laid on a machine generated beat, in Danger Zone, it utilized 90% of it. So, do not expected heavy metal riffs in the intro, as many has been replaced by synthesizer and beat machine.

Started from Front Line Theory and Second Door, most of the guitar playing around here are in the style of funk up to hip hop and groovy fusion. In Anti-Aircraft, the usage of real acoustic drum set bring us back closer to the home of rock and roll. Golden Coast brings in AOR feel on Alex Masi composition, this is the only track that quite free from electronic stuff. There's also a track like Sun People where involved of world music is meditative to hear. The last different tunes is in the final cut, Afterglow, in which atmospheric composition without a drum beat.

In this hour of guitar playing, Danger Zone resembling what we familiar in Joe Satriani's Engine of Creation and also remind you to Steve Vai's weirdos, especially in album Ultrazone. The thing is, when listen to electronic music for 60 minutes it's completely pulled out heavy metal. It mean that Danger Zone will more favor to those who more into nu-metal and something like that. In the musical aspect, this album will stand out in this particular 'electronic shred' category. If you enjoy the part of modern music and guitar shred, this album is for you.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Alex Masi - Danger Zone (2013)
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1 Front Line Theory
2 Second Door
3 Anti-Aircraft
4 Heat Seekin' Device
5 Golden Coast
6 Sun People
7 Viva La Revolucion
8 Beginning of the End
9 Sexual Warfare
10 Danger Zone
11 Holy Fiend
12 Afterglow

Tim Hart : Drums
Tim McCardell : Bass
Alex Masi : Guitar
Kyle Michaels : Vocals

Alex Masi Danger Zone album review

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