Bane Of Winterstorm – The Last Sons Of Perylin (2013)

Now this is a band that coming from far under the equator line. As we know, Europe is not the only land with  folklore and war-tales. Bane Of Winterstorm looks like coming from nowhere, but they formed by member of established bands in Australia. They blasting their way through the attention of power metal fans via online marketing with its quite a success. This is their debut album and already being talk of the mouths for months before its final releases. The Last Sons Of Perylin, is their epic Opera metal title. The quintet from Melbourne sure confident enough to pulled off another concept opera, in its glorious theme similar to the Lord of the Ring, with music resembling Avantasia, Blind Guardian, Amon Amarth and Rhapsody of Fire. That's enough ingredients to mixed a new promising opera metal album, and they did.

The Last Sons of Perylin only make up five tracks but in total runs about 50 minutes. The structure of each songs was in opera metal format. Meaning it is dialog in writing with character alike Morthion, Aranon, Haldir, Lothriel, Othorion singing along the accompanying metal song, similar to Avantasia concept. The style is symphonic metal in the style of Rhapsody of Fire, there also heavy harsh vocals around ala Amon Amarth. The Blind Guardian element made up their epic storyline that heavily referred to Tolkien's world. And one may say Wintersun style of lengthy song. Except for the shortest song in The Warlord's Last Ride which sing only by Aranon. The album peak in the last track The Last Sons of Perylin, which very enjoyable in its libretto, meaning this whole package must be listen with its lyric to get the full enjoyment.

This is ambitious project that come quite perfect. The overall album feel is more symphonic than 'power', so the orchestration is doing the lead and less catchy guitar riffs as in traditional power metal. It's a promising start, a sequel is expected (what else the band need to do..?) and I'll willing to continued in their storyline. The album cover itself is a champion, very strong artwork that will bring in power metal as well black metal fans into attention. Bravossimo for this one.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

Bane Of Winterstorm – The Last Sons Of Perylin (2013)
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1. The Black Wind of Morthion  10:30
2. The Magic of Mithren’s Ring  9:23
3. The Ancient Ritual of Räkth 8:03
4. The Warlord’s Last Ride  5:04
5. The Last Sons of Perylin  16:08

Bass - Tristan Peterön (Chained Lizard, Son of Aeslepius)
Guitars - Anthony J. Finch (Ark of Silence, Envenomed)
Drums - Alberto diBiase (ex Eidolon, ex-Accursed)
Guitars - Chris Themelco (Orpheus Omega)
Vocals - Riccardo Mecchi (Anarion)
Guest Singerg - Jennifer Borg (Divine Ascension)

The band is joined by some of the most powerful singers in the world including vocalists of Dragonland, Anarion, LORD, Damnation’s Day, Divine Ascension, Desecrator, Orpheus Omega and Vanishing Point to accurately portray the lore of ‘The War of Shadows’

Bane of Winterstorm album review

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