Messenger Starwolf - Pt. 1: The Messengers (2013)

This band from Neunkirchen, Germany, has a strong old school power metal in their blood. The new conceptual album, in space theme as the cover art suggested, is their third. Titled as Starwolf Part 1 : The Messenger, it captured the most you can have in power metal. Just to remind, they covered Dr. Stein (Helloween) back in See You in Hell album, which was actually how I found them.

From track to track in Starwolf, I  found nothing but to enjoy their surprisingly simple melodic song. Starwolf Part 1 make it easy to enjoy power metal because it was so obvious with its verses and choruses. The album started with Raiders Of Galaxy, which is typical fast guitar licks lead into four bars of screaming and then a captivating story telling verses. Enjoy the quality of their vocalist who sing with old school wet husky voices. Almost all of their openers songs delivered in solid metal, especially Salvation which featuring Ralf Scheepers and Port Royal featuring Preacher. The Spectre and Pirates Of Space is what I found in Messenger, simple melody and easy to follows. Same thing to Thousand Suns Of Eternity, basic structure with calm vocal solo in verses and full band to follow up in choruses. Earth, Water And Power gives the power of basic chuggy riffs you can have in power metal.

In short, I am satisfied with the power metal contents in this album. They are solid and achieving its goal to gives that bloody headbanging moments in all songs. Starwolf Pt. 1 may not in favor for those whose originality is their first parameter, because this album may sounds like a combination of many familiar riffs and choruses. The other things to comment is, despite the concept deal with outer space theme, the music offered sounds more suit into middle-earth setting, with all the epic choruses in between. If you looking for a fun all around power album, try this one.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

Messenger Starwolf - Pt. 1: The Messengers - 2013
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1. Raiders Of Galaxy
2. The Spectre
3. Salvation [Feat. Ralf Scheepers]
4. Pirates Of Space
5. Port Royal [Feat. Preacher]
6. Chosen One
7. Earth, Water And Power
8. Reign Of The Righteous
9. Thousand Suns Of Eternity
10. Star Wolf
11. Blackbone Song \[Feat. Jutta Weinhold Zed Yago Cover]
12. The Path Of Science
13. Born To Face The Wind

Siegfried Schüssler - Vocals
Patrik Deckarm - Rhythm Guitar
Frank Kettenhofen - Lead Guitar
Benny Strauß - Bass
Markus Merl - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records

Messenger StarWolf Pt 1 album review

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