Torben Enevoldsen – Above and Beyond (2013)

This is another strong instrumental guitar release for this month. Torben Enevoldsen is guitarist for Fatal Force and also a soloist with many solo albums. I mostly listen to his album Heavy Persuasion which I think a cross styles between American Shrapnel and European taste. Above And Beyond is his 2013 album and looks like another all around heavy-rock guitar album.

For most of the song, they are traditional heavy metal and hard rock in styles. Sonic Confusion can fit into any guitar album in between '80s to 2000s, it is chugging power chord with solid melodic solo over it. Cruisin' gives more power chord riffs in the intro and the rest of the song. Above And Beyond playing in some unusual rhythm meter but everything still solidly in regular ear-friendly scales. Mellow tunes found in In Deep, beautifully performed ballad. Then there is enough suspend in Lost In Space. And to make it a full ten song, it is True Blue to close the album with another sweet melody line in slow tempo.

Above and Beyond is regular shredding album full of beautiful ear scratching solos. This album use almost nothing unusual to catch your attention, it is just plain drum-bass-rhythm and the well composed melody. If you like traditional, strictly non experimental stuffs, this whole album will gives you a good exercise on that.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Torben Enevoldsen – Above and Beyond (2013)
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01. Sonic Confusion
02. Cruisin’
03. Above And Beyond
04. Horizontal View
05. Dreaming
06. Back On Track
07. In Deep
08. Lost In Space
09. Mysterious Karma
10. True Blue

Torben Enevoldsen Above and Beyond album review

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