PelleK - Christmas With PelleK (2013)

It is in my believe that every Christmas carol is screaming waiting to get them self metal-ized. That's what a lot of metal musician doing. Song such as Joy To the World or The First Noel can be done with distortion guitar and double kick drum, and still sounds natural. No it isn't? Well forget about that, here comes the first interesting Christmas tribute album for 2013, by vocalist Pellek. Now, Per Fredrik Pellek Asly is unique singer. He sings in Damnation Angels, power metal band from UK. His voices is unorthodox from what we usually imagine from a power metal singer. He got lots of rebellion inside that he seems like to mix a lot of style into metal. And he got a Youtube channel that shown a lot of cover song. This Christmas album is his solo takes. The main style is heavy metal but it's also comes with large portion of interesting popular style with orchestration and jazzy arrangement. In all songs Pellek's humorous vocal keep the album in easy-listening mood.

Twelve Days of Christmas is interesting choices to open a Christmas album. It's real bring in the holiday season mood. It's a popular carol now made into catchy march-type metal arrangement. Enjoyable. O Christmas Tree is bit of jazzy in the intro, a natural choice that the song very likely prefer to in that way. Then we switch to orchestration and the metal part kicks in. Very good arrangement. Deck the Halls is another song that can be re-arranged into millions of style. PelleK gives a good version on it here. It is a simply fast metal arrangement. Beautiful Savior is the song that Pellek gives the more serious devotional feel into it. Jingle Bells is enjoyable version in a 'popular' groove for the first verses then gone metal in the next. Then if you are a vocalist, O Holy Night is compulsory number. Faithful to its original tempo but still received it's metal drumming complete with chorus backing. Come All Ye Faithfull is even original from the beginning. A works of vocals in the intro is more likely fit in church setting but then yet again it's show how galloping drumming is always fit Christmas carols. Silent Night is the last song and get ready to your Christmas folks!

Metal Harem class: Special Holiday Album

PelleK - Christmas With PelleK (2013)
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01. Twelve Days of Christmas
02. O Christmas Tree
03. Deck the Halls
04. Beautiful Savior
05. Jingle Bells
06. O Holy Night
07. Come All Ye Faithfull
08. Silent Night

Per Fredrik Pellek Åsly (Lead Vocals - Damnation Angels)
Patrick Fallang (Guitars)
Stian Warlow Braathen (Drums)
Ingemar Bru (Bass)

PelleK Christmas with, album review

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