Jacky Vincent – Star X Speed Story (2013)

Guitarist from Falling in Reverse band, Jacky Vincent is shredding his all instrumental album called Star X Speed Story.  The album also featuring guest shredders such as Michael Angelo Batio, Paul Gilbert and Dario Lorina. You will find this album full of speedy tricks and licks, which is Jacky's strongest styles. This coupled with techno-metal music making this album something unusual to regular metal guitar album. One  particular issue is, so there is not much catchy riffs.

Tracks such as Maybe I Am A Wolf, Venom Love, and Sidescroller is heavily techno-beat in the body. While Star X Speed and Heaven Or Hell, both featuring guests, are more traditional riff-it and shred-it approach. There are also large portion of neo-classical , peak on Neo Concerto (which featured as OST for some Japanese anime), and The Tempest. Two slower tracks on Without You and If You Were Mine, made up all 13 tracks of the album.

Enjoyable offering that quite consistent in styles but able to varied the styles so that it's not too monotonous. In this album, Jacky Vincent showcase that he is also speedy guys while at the same times paid enough attention to the composition. The references for this album are: Michael Angelo's high speed neo-classical stuffs, techno-beats and melodic playing. Three elements that adequate worth listening to.

Metal Harem class: ********* eight stars out of ten

Jacky Vincent – Star X Speed Story (2013)
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01. Maybe I Am A Wolf 02:49
02. Venom Love 03:25
03. Star X Speed (Feat. Michael Angelo Batio) 04:19
04. Without You 04:05
05. Heaven Or Hell (Feat. Paul Gilbert) 05:02
06. Neo Concerto 03:44
07. If You Were Mine 04:59
08. Runaway Tryst 03:47
09. The Tempest 01:23
10. Fatal Envy 03:47
11. Burning Tears (Feat. Dario Lorina) 03:59
12. Sidescroller 06:02
13. I Can Never Go Home (Reprise) 06:32

Ryan Seaman - drum
Ron Ficarro - bass
Jacky Vincent - guitars
all member of Falling in Reverse

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