Simone Fiorletta - Personalities (2013)

An instrumental guitar album with lots of shred and progressive ideas to grab. This is Personalities, fifth solo released by Italian guitarist Simone Fiorletta. Simone was mainly recognized from his works with progressive band Moonlight Comedy and No Gravity. His solos careers is what more colorful with already five solo albums. Not much differed from the past, Simone continue the collaboration with high profile musicians such as Andrea de Paoli keyboardist of Labyrinth. This album also something special with larger contributions of guest musicians, see the details below for a fantastic line up musicians of new generation. For example, John Macaluso, drummer who just recorded a decent album with Mastercastle and now touring with Symphony X. Then guitarist Fabrizio Leo and many others.

The line up of instrumental songs are differed in several styles. Heavy metal chops can be found in track Ascent, and then goes progressive with Thirty and Docktor Jekyll And Mister Hide. The other major styles is simple a melodic hard rock ala '80 Shrapnel years in Waiting To See You Again, April 14th 2010, Unconditional Love and catchy tunes in Bottom Line. Simone also inserted many experimental styles that show his versatility over the fret boards, Your Grit Is My Reason Of Life is a fast neo classical tunes. Notable is To The Station with rather chicken picking country feel and very funky In Time Of War. The package then closed with solo acoustic cut of a cover song titled You And I.

Of many enjoyable tunes, my favorites are April 14th,2010 and Doctor Jekyll And Mister Hide. Surely this album will easily accepted by shred mania for its high quality of music. Bassist Dino Fiorenza, which a hired gun for many guitarist such as Chris Bickley, is one of great contributors to make this album colorful and musically rich. Stay tune and enjoy the wide imagination of music via this album, which best titled as "Personalities".

Metal Harem class: ********* nine stars out of ten

Simone Fiorletta - Personalities (2013)
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01. Ascent
02. Your Grit Is My Reason Of Life, neo melodic
03. Waiting To See You Again, melodic hard rock
04. April 14th 2010, melodic hard rock - mellow
05. Bottom Line, '80s hard rock
06. Thirty, progressive,
07. Unconditional Love, aor
08. Doctor Jekyll And Mister Hide, progressive
09. To The Station , chicken picking country
10. In Time Of War, funk
11. You And I (At The Weekends cover) , acoustic

Simone Fiorletta – all guitars, keyboards and programming
Mario Riso (Rezophonic – RockTv – Movida) – track 04
John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen – James Labrie – ARK) – track 02,03,06
Marco Aiello – track 01,05,07,08,10
Alessandro Spaziani – track 09
bass and guitars:
Dino Fiorenza
Luigi Sardellitti – track 09
Davide Perruzza (No Gravity) - guitars track 02
Fabrizio Leo (Renato Zero – Laura Pausini) guitars on track 05
Andrea De Paoli (Labyrinth) on track 09

Simone Fiorletta Personalities album review

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