The Winery Dogs - 2013

As much as I can't wait for new MP, and BS, new works, I am much more longed for a new Richie Kotzen's! After exploring in heavy metal (Adrenaline Mob), blues rock (Flying Colors), Progressive Rock (Neil Morse and Jam session with Tony MacAlpine, Derek Sherinian), Mike Portnoy found another new supergroup, The Winery Dogs. This time is a trio, with Billy and Richie, the music very closed to what past Richie Kotzen hard rock works. I familiar with Kotzen's vocal albums my favorite collections are, Break It All Down, Wave of Emotion and my last perhaps in Gundam's Ai Senshi. This Winery Dogs project did not differed much from that stuffs, only now with excessive drum fills and audible funky bass slaps.

As commonly found in Richie's works, the songs are mostly short, 3 to 4 minutes lengths. Richie's falsetto vocals somehow found a good independent writing without disturbing his guitar playing. This is what guarantee us that the musics is not 'dictate' by the rhythms. Songs are mostly in the same quality, Elevate comes rocking as single and it's a good choice with complete elements of trio. Guitar chops followed by bombastic bass-ing and powerful Dream Theater wanna be drum fills. We Are One found a spot of exploring all trio's instruments in funky wah-wah backing guitars. I'm No Angel is blues driven slower tempo tunes, and now the vocals do a nice unison with rhythm guitar, an exception. The Other Side show the power of Portnoy and Sheehan rhythms, then the song followed the created beat in sync. You Saved Me always a good way to explore modern pop rock ballad. Several short jamming to follow, then Six Feet Deeper is something funky remind you to the funk metal Extreme works, with Nuno Bettencourt inspired riffs. Something unusual is The Dying which is more ballad type, again demonstrate independency between vocals and guitars. And a old times blues closed the album in Regret, also with piano now.

So it's a good news for Kotzen's fans, this is just like his new album with Portnoy and Sheehan volunteering behind. Trio Mike, Billy and Richie in good chemistry creating almost flawless guitar orientated blues-hard-rock album with excellent vocals. If this project need to bring alive I really hope there will be extra guitar players as the rhythm guitars is very well written as well. I imagine somebody like Nuno Bettencourt or Andy Timmons will fit perfectly, perhaps as guest guitarist, but oh well what a day dream.

Metal Harem class: ********* nine stars out of ten

The Winery Dogs 2013
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1. Elevate
2. Desire
3. We Are One
4. I’m No Angel
5. The Other Side
6. You Saved Me
7. Not Hopeless
8. One More Time
9. Damaged
10. Six Feet Deeper
11. Criminal
12. The Dying
13. Regret

Richie Kotzen – Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar
Billy Sheehan – Bass / Vocals
Mike Portnoy – Drums / Vocals
Record Label: Whd Entertainment Inc.

Self titled, The Winery Dogs album review

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