Edenbridge - The Bonding (2013)

If we take a look on musical history, Austria with its Vienna culture was one of music capital on Europe, even internationally. But when gone to a wicked out of mainstream genre called Symphonic Metal, Austria can only depend on Edenbridge, a quintet from Linz, Austria. As a power symphonic band that fully completed with female fronted singer, Sabine Edelsbacher, Edenbridge is not a small act anymore. As we know, all their previous symphonic releases was of high stars by reviewers. I especially praised the latest album, Solitaire in 2010 that capture some of peak act Edenbridge can offer. With such promising background I take their newest, 8th studio, album with high enthusiast, called The Bonding.

One of surprises immediately pop out. There is no symphonic intro what so ever in the opening. Instead we just jump into a ready riff in action. Mystic River is that song in action. Only a slightly symphonic motives before Sabine also jump into the singing line. Quite straight forward, the song heard as powerful version of gothic metal and it's a long one over seven minutes. Not far from that is the second song, Alight a New Tomorrow. This is however has a catchier tempo, but still come with lesser bombastic or symphonic than something Edenbridge done in the past. Star-Crossed Dreamer come as a slow song that perhaps come too quick as the number three on the play list. This to be followed by another gradually arise pattern, from soft orchestration into a full blast of power metal. The Invisible Force is the power symphonic composition I've been looking for in this album. Yet another folk ballad tunes in Far Out of Reach, this is better describe as serious composition with emphasized on progressive elements. We then get Shadows of Memory, fast track with growling death metal vocal provided by guest singer. Another good piano ballad tune in Death is not the End. A melodious charming song beautifully carried on by Sabine. On the last track, Edenbridge make sure we not get away empty feel, so here a 15 minutes epic, in as cliche orchestration as it is, The Bonding did close the album with us feeling full.

The Bonding concluded us with materials divert from commonly Edenbridge's sounds. The songs are mostly heavy in progressive development of song, lesser the power metal element. Orchestration come with different direction, instead of bombastic the song, the orchestration is come as more serious elements. So that we left the impression that Edenbridge is looking for a gradually update on their styles. Sabine's voices still dominating, but since the songs are now more technical we then presented a rather cold execution by her. The musicians done the extra job covering each song with awesome compositions rather than a cliche power metal riffing. The Bonding may surprise listener who enjoy Edenbridge's last album with great symphonic power, but now the band took extra step by giving more serious progressive elements into their sound. It's may be a good idea to enjoy their newest offering right now.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Edenbridge - The Bonding
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1. Mystic River
2. Alight a New Tomorrow
3. Star-Crossed Dreamer
4. The Invisible Force
5. Into a Sea of Souls
6. Far Out of Reach
7. Shadows of Memory
8. Death is not the End
9. The Bonding

Sabine Edelsbacher - Lead Vocals
Lanvall - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Piano, Zither / Kecapi
Max Pointer - Drums
Dominik Sebastian - Lead Guitars

Additional musicians:
Wolfgang Rothbauer - Bass, vocals on Shadows Of My Memory
Erik Martenssson - Lead Vocals on The Bonding
Robby Valentine - Choirs
Record Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records

new 2013 Edenbridge The Bonding album review

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