Civil War - The Killer Angels 2013

Here another band that underestimated the power of having unique (and good) band's name. Civil War as the band name is cool, but then again the internet is hoard with this term, especially if the band's album name is The Killer Angels, which also tied in with Civil War as a popular novel. As the internet search results pointed out,  this band still can't beat the popularity of that novel. So this at very least annoying in trying to find quick information about the band. In comparison to say, Sabaton, which is the one and only one user of that respective word. Curse-ly, Civil War has one other interesting fact, they are alumni of Sabaton. In a good spirit to not followed Luca Turilli's style of having another Sabaton franchise, these four guys decided to wear new cloak of power metal as, well, Civil War.

Musically, they are power metal in its most serious form. Pretty similar to Sabaton of course, except the vocalist now sounds very Jorn Lande-ism. In contrast to Sabaton's Joakim Broaden whose bass-invading voices. Civil War's singer, Nils Patrik Johansson is pretty much middle ranger, and for most important concern, fit Civil War's music very well. This debut album The Killer Angels started with a song King Of The Sun. To differentiated them from all the dragon slaying power metal, the usage of fast double pedal beat is not applied to all. This replaced with 'war' beat, slower, and troop marching feel. So, that's their trademark. The strongest usage of this approach is in their hits I Will Rule The Universe, found in the middle part of the album. Still majority of the album played in faster tempo, First to Fight come as rather dark song. Saint Patrick's Day is catchy with folk-alike intro melody, interesting marching band drumming. Rome Is Falling tries to go epic with story driven song writing. It is also the song benefit the most from the power chanting in backing vocals. Son Of Avalon is the fastest track, double pedal storming song. The present of keyboard to added third melodious voice beside the duo guitarist can be listen in Lucifer's Court. In Brother Judas, the chorus is in interesting changed of chord that can tickling the ear for its musical tonic jump. My Own Worst Enemy later come with strong chorus as well, very memorable. The last track then fall into calm, folk feel drumming, Gettysburg.

About forty six minutes listening time, which is all come with good materials. It was worth for the companion to break from Sabaton to produced something like this. Taking that Sabaton's owned Carolus Rex was a strong album last year, it is speculated to imagine how well if both parties still as one union. The album enjoyable for its outstanding singer voices. The guitars works are complementary each other, with bass and drummer escorting the tempo imaginatively. Another strong power metal album with military theme from Civil War, if only they come out with stronger band's name I think it will help stand out them more easily.

Metal Harem class: ********* nine stars out of ten

Civil War - The Killer Angels 2013
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01. King Of The Sun
02. First To Fight
03. Saint Patrick's Day
04. Rome Is Falling
05. Sons Of Avalon
06. I Will Rule The Universe
07. Lucifer's Court
08. Brother Judas
09. My Own Worst Enemy
10. Gettysburg

-Nils Patrik Johansson - Vocals
(Astral Doors, Lion's Share, Ruined Soul, Wuthering Heights, ex-Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey)
-Rikard Sundén - Guitars (ex-Sabaton, ex-Deals Death)
-Oskar Montelius - Guitars (ex-Sabaton)
-Stefan "Pizza" Eriksson - Bass
(Volturyon, Hell Patrol, ex-Contortion, ex-Magog, ex-Cryonic Temple, ex-Evangeli)
-Daniel Mÿhr - Keyboards (ex-Sabaton)
-Daniel Mullback - Drums (ex-Sabaton)

Civil War EP and The Killer angels album review

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