Darkane - The Sinister Supremacy (2013)

Darkane was a melodic death band actively pushing out albums yearly since 1999 to 2008. With five albums up to that years, Darkane success in getting attention from the crowd of death fans. It's only takes five more years before the band from Helsinborg Sweden, managed to recorded a new material, that is our June 2013 new Darkane album called The Sinister Supremacy. A quick summary, the album did not differed much from the rest. The vibes from past album such as Expending Senses and song as Violence from Within still dominated the styles in The Sinister Supremacy.

We have a death metal styles of orchestral intro there in Sounds Of Pre-Existence, sounds cold, with some dissonances to make this intro not sound power metal alike. The Sinister Supremacy seems to be the album's highlight and it is. Dynamic structures, catchy chorus and fast double pedal drumming on that. Well, actually a blasting tempo is the album's default template. Mechanically Divine continued what left in the first opener. In my descriptions, I think Darkane is somewhat like a Sweden / Europe version of metalcore, they are best listened while skate boarding, rather than as horror movie soundtrack, as in case of death metal mood. As another interesting track out of about 12 tracks here are: The Decline, which comes with short orchestration intro. Insurrection Is Imminent which is in a second just sounds like a doom metal song. Humanity Defiled with drum solo intro and a good guitar riffing. Hate Repentance State is obviously the most contrast song here, it's a piano composition with dark aura in its. Existence Is Just A State Of Mind offered a rather different drum beat compared to the rest. If you get the limited edition, two more tunes as a bonus.

As now, Darkane most popular personnel can be the drummer Peter Wildoer. He is of the fame of Seven Dream Theater Auditioners. Well, the truth is he also actively sold his drum beat to soloist such as James LaBrie (as the time of writing, James LaBrie is about to released his 2013 solo album) and CJ Grimmark. His drumming of course defined Darkane a lot. Lawrence Mackrory sounds more like an US metalcore style, which as I mentioned make Darkane somewhat a line between death metal and metalcore. Chugging guitars from duo Malmstrom and Ideberg bring enough aggressiveness for the style. Not much differences from Darkane's past portfolio, The Sinister Supremacy has nothing to avoid being keep by Darkane fans or wider death metaller.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten (8/10)

Darkane - The Sinister Supremacy (2013) 

1. Sounds Of Pre-Existence
2. The Sinister Supremacy
3. Mechanically Divine
4. Ostracized
5. The Decline
6. Insurrection Is Imminent
7. In The Absence Of Pain
8. Humanity Defiled
9. Hate Repentance State
10. Collapse Of Illusions
11. By Darkness Designed
12. Existence Is Just A State Of Mind
13. I, Author Of Despair (Digipak Bonus Track)
14. Malicious Strain (Digipak Bonus Track)

Jörgen Löfberg - Bass
Peter Wildoer - Drums
Klas Ideberg - Guitars
Christofer Malmström - Guitars
Lawrence Mackrory - Vocals
Carlos Holmberg (ex-Soilwork) , cover art
Label: Prosthetic Records
Europe Release via Massacre Records on June 28, 2013
Release date: July 2nd, 2013

Darkane The Sinister Supremacy album review

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