Jorn - Traveller 2013

Jorn seems to enter 2013 without much appearances as guest vocalist any elsewhere. This enable him with greater amount of time to work on his personal store, as Jorn. Traveller is our 2013, the eighth studio albums, if we count excluding live or greatest hits album. The latest, known, released by Jorn was Symphonic, an orchestra adaptation on his works. As productive as he is, we just passed 2012 with Bring Heavy Rock to The Land, so what kind of materials will present on Traveller now?

For a starter, the cover artwork is great, leading us to anticipated a concept album direction. As usual, the style on this album is straight forward heavy metal. Jorn backing musician use a commonly heard riffs just to lay a backing tracks for Jorn singing. So yes, the vocal's parts are what matter. Overload is a very usual starter, with bass intro dictating the next intro phrases then to enter Jorn. Cancer Demon is more Axel Rudi Pell's sliding riff things. Those two seems an appetizer for the main dishes, Traveller is headbanging melodious song, memorable verses and choruses. For an album that the listener mostly not much interested in the instrumentation, the team actually put enough effort to maximize their support, song Window Maker is interesting instrumentation. Then a rather hard rocker beat in Make Your Engine Scream on the fifth track. The rest of album all follow the same pattern, a few bar of riffs to follow with Jorn's actions. Only the final track is different from the rest as this is semi acoustic ballad, in The Man Who Was King, which is again a tribute to Jorn's idol, Ronnie Dio.

If you like to have a follow up from previous album Bring Heavy Rock To The Land, this Traveller is kind of part II of it. The latest information is, Jorn leaving his symphonic metal band, Masterplan. He also not involved in Tobias Sammet's Avantasia, so Traveller could be the right thing to have if you just happen to missed his voices. The new guitarist Trond Holter join Jorn in song writing. Although the instrumentation is something 'basic', the union between backing music and vocal is now very compact, leaving you to immediately recall the vocal line just by listening the intro. Neat released by one of hard working heavy metal singer of this day.

Metal Harem class: ******** eight stars out of ten

Jorn - Traveller 2013

01. Overload (5:21)
02. Cancer Demon (4:28)
03. Traveller (5:38)
04. Window Maker (4:26)
05. Make Your Engine Scream (4:12)
06. Legend Man (4:01)
07. Carry The Black (6:09)
08. Rev On (4:43)
09. Monsoon (4:20)
10. The Man Who Was King (5:52)

Jørn Lande Vocals
'Wild' Willy Bendiksen Drums (Bad Habitz, Blonde On Blonde, St.Helena)
Jimmy Iversen Guitars (Bad Habitz, Blonde On Blonde)
Bernt Jansen Bass (Wig Wam)
Trond Holter  Lead Guitars (Wig Wam)

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