Sacred Mother Tongue - Out Of The Darkness (2013)

It's good to see a metal band arising from ashes and then signed by major label such as EMI. Sacred Mother Tongue is a band mainly known as outlet for guitarist Andy James to play a vocal metal song. Andy James simply a super talent guitarist made his name worldwide just by playing loud in internet, and of course on the stage. Sacred Mother Tongue then, one other way got their guarantee popularity and they handled the opportunity quite well. Out Of the Darkness is their second album. This band from UK gives a lot of 'friendly' metal tune that equipped with jaw dropping guitar solos as their most awaited parts.

Demons as their first opener is actually very Metallica sounding. The song just like a combo between Death Magnetic (hear the Ulrich-ism drumming there) and Ride the Lightning era (the guitar riff and even some of the vocal singing style). Something thrash come in a track like Seven. Now this time it leaning to Megadeth feel. And if you really like to find out, next song Pawn is also sounds like '80s Anthrax era. The other tracks that interesting to mention are: A Light Will Shine, this is where Andy James put more fill in solos outside the given time slot.  The City Is Crying, a song with metalcore-like drum groove and some lower pitch vocal line.

First, Darrin South's vocal is unique into the style. He is making most of Metallica-Megadeth-Anthrax-like song not anymore sounds like Hetfield-Mustaine or Belladonna, instead his rather clean voice make this sounds modern. As band with heavy weight virtuoso guitarist on the board, I found Sacred Mother Tongue a bit less 'wild'. I actually expected to hear a Van Halen version of metal band with lots of harmonics scream scattered everywhere possible. Instead Andy James applied a strong discipline to not ruined the mood of his band mate by overplaying. Which is I actually prefer the other way round though. Out Of The Darkness can go well with mainstream with this blending of popular headbanging riffs and radio friendly singing style. And thanks to the guitar parts, wider listener can appreciate the level of musicianship required to play in this genre.

Metal Harem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Sacred Mother Tongue - Out Of The Darkness (2013)
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1. Demons
2. Bird In Hand
3. Seven
4. Pawn
5. Bleeding Out
6. A Light Will Shine
7. The City Is Crying
8. Just A Ride
9. Evolve / Become
10. Believe

Lee Newell – Drums
Josh Gurner – Bass Guitar
Darrin South – Vocals
Andy James – Lead Guitar
Record Label: Transcend Music / The End Records / EMI

British heavy metal Sacred Mother Tongue new 2013 album, Out Of The Darkness , album review

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