Tracii Guns’ League of Gentlemen - The First Record 2013

There is always first time for everyone. League of Gentlemen is Tracii Guns latest moniker he needed after he also split from his long life attached band, L.A. Guns. From the rock news, Tracii disbanded his version of L.A.Guns in mid of 2012 and move on. Quietly released in June 2013, the First Record positively their debut album. The album has a majority modern hard rock styles, so this can be differ to our last year L.A. Guns released (Hollywood Forever).

For listener to hard rock that not familiar with Tracii Guns, tunes like Everything Everything, is generic hard rock song easy to grab by everyone. Those who like to hear Tracii Guns with his L.A.Guns style may find The Sound sounds close to L.A.Guns classic the Ballad of Jane. For the singer, Tracii Guns invited Scott Foster Harris, he is not too close character to L.A Guns' Phil Lewis, which is a good sign that this league of gentlemen not trying to live under the shadow of L.A. Guns. There are also modern psychedelic hard rocking tunes, song like The Witch and Sugar Mama are in this category. Find more sentimental ballads in Jealous of the Rain, Painted Lady and Feathers in a Hurricane. More post-alternative era feel in Taste Your Fear.  If you insist to heard some old blues rock tunes, Long Way to Heaven, Backside of the Moon and Saginaw Blues were there. Inducted also a surprise cover of Air Supply's Without You. Then the album close with another psychedelic new age track in Space & Time Collide.

Enough of variety of styles in The First Record, but little room for those expecting Tracii back to glamorous hair metal as in L.A.Guns in the late '80 era. They were less guitar riffs orientated track to be found, if you expected from Tracii Guns. Instead Tracii leads the band having more fun in trying up to date music. Enjoyable album to say the least!

Metal Harem class: ******* seven stars out of ten

Tracii Guns’ League of Gentlemen - The First Record 2013
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01. Everything Everything
02. The Witch
03. Sugar Mama
04. The Sound
05. Jealous of the Rain
06. Painted Lady
07. Taste Your Fear
08. Feathers in a Hurricane
09. Long Way to Heaven
10. One
11. Saginaw Blues
12. Backside of the Moon
13. Without You
14. Space & Time Collide

Tracii Guns - Guitars
Scott Foster Harris - Vocals
Doni Gray - Drums
Craig McCloskey - Bass
John Bird - Organ

Tracii Guns' League of Gentlemen - The First Record album review

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