Flying Colors 2012 - Mike Portnoy, Steve Morse

Here is another supergroup involving Mike Portnoy. For those who have complaint about Mike's latest project in Adrenalin Mob, here's more interesting situation we got. Mike team up with Steve Morse , Dave LaRue, Neal Morse, and Casey McPherson (Alpha Red) as singer. Of course this is not a heavy metal band as in Adrenalin Mob and by members, this is a old school prog band, but no they not, this album are more modern sound than you think. This is da real ultra supergroup.

Dave LaRue started their jamming on track Blue Ocean, quickly join by other. Elements of each personality are well preserves here. Steve Morse are still with his chromatic picking approach melody. Neal Morse pop-gospel-rock groove keyboard and backing vocal  are there. Mike Portnoy easily remind us to some of his chops in Dream Theater. The singer expressive falsetto are the one uniting the music. The second song Shoulda Coulda Woulda is slightly heavier in modern rock vibe. For those who curious to see if Steve Morse capable to doing more metal works, the song All Falls Down is there. Love is What I'm Waiting For is another light pop turn into great improvisation stuff. For those who seeking solo and solo ala Dream Theater, check All Falls Down and Infinite Fire

According to some reading on net, the album is only recorded in nine days in 2011. So, this is actually a very much jamming piece that finalized into a song. Pretty much sum up how capable these gentlemen can do in their musical proficiency. Flying Colors is basically a great prog album, slightly light than the usual progressive stuff. But the point here is the composition, they are not overdone it yet very much glue you down, even on first listening.

Metal Harem class: ********* 9 stars out of 10

Flying Colors 2012
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1. Blue Ocean
2. Shoulda Coulda Woulda
3. Kayla
4. The Storm
5. Forever In A Daze
6. Love Is What I'm Waiting For
7. Everything Changes
8. Better Than Walking Away
9. All Falls Down
10. Fool In My Heart
11. Infinite Fire

Mike Portnoy (ex Dream Theater, drums)
Steve Morse (Deep Purple, guitars)
Neal Morse (keyboard, solo)
Dave LaRue (Dixie Dregs, bass)
Casey McPherson (Alpha Red, vocals)

Flying Colors band photograph and album cover

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