Drakkar - When Lightning Strikes 2012

If you miss an epic metal with story accompaniment, here you get Drakkar on their latest album "When Lightning Strikes". This time the story is about alien invading the earth, set in year 2228 AD. The protagonist hero Col. Hal Gardner then kidnapped by the invader, captured and his memory examined in the alien space ship. Each of the memory flashback bring live into each of this album songs.

Drakkar is Italian base power metal band, their last effort was back in 2002. This meaning When Lightning Strikes is quite fresh following their absent in the last ten year. What this album offer are many above expectation. You get all sort of catchy intro, memorable chorus and galloping drumming. Drakkar named some of their "prelude" and intro effect, so the number of tracklist here is mixed between intro and real song. In sort their music is like a missing link between Rhapsody of Fire and Queensryche.

For starter, after the predictable epic orchestration overture, we presented the first liner prologue with slow graveful track of Day of the Gods, telling the story of Col. Hal in his first seven days inside spaceship or whatever. The Armageddon Machine then followed, the song use a story-based structure and melody.

Overall this is an album that familiar to you in every sense of power metal. If you have no problem with originality and enjoy the repeat familiar riff this is an album you will enjoy in every second. No kidding, the effort made by Drakkar musician is on top notch. Each song carefully decorated with melodious guitar solo. Not only that the keyboard is seems avoiding over orchestrated ala Rhapsody but put in lot of hammond organ solo. This album however have less bombastic symphonic metal but more purely epic, and heavy. Favorite tune Revenge is Done and We Ride.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

Drakkar  When Lightning Strikes 2012
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01. Hyperspace - The Arrival
02. Day Of The Gods
03. The Armageddon Machine
04. In The Belly Of The Beast
05. Revenge Is Done
06. When Lightning Strikes
07. Winter Soldiers
08. Salvation
09. At The Flaming Shores Of Heaven
10. We Ride
11. The Awakening
12. My Endless Flight
13. Aftermath - The Departure
14. Engage!
15. New Frontier

Davide Dell'Orto - vocals
Corrado Solarino - keyboards
Dario "Darian" Beretta - guitars
Simone Cappato - bass
Mattia Stancioiu - drums

Drakkar futuristic fantasy art

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