Great White Elation 2012

This is the twelfth studio album of Great White, one of Los Angeles '80s glam rock legendary act. This is also yet another rise of '80 glam rock band following Trixter and Tyketto. If you missed those golden age of rock, here is the shoot. This album, titled Elation is pretty much all you would like from that lost era. This album contained pretty straight forward, even minimalist, blues driven hard rock. For a band that went through much hardship during their career this record seems contextual to its. Pure music, no unnecessary ornamental sound attached here and there. In a first listening this is just a bunch of fine song writing for a rock band.

An important information here is Great White formation now slightly different from their past golden era. The singer in charge now is Terry Ilous, who also fame from XYZ band. The other singer Jack Russel is sadly departed from the band and even preserving his attachment to the band via Jack Russel's Great White platform. So this album mainly consisted of founding guitarist Mark Kendall and long time member Audy Desbrow and Michael Lardie.

This album begin with song (I've Got) Something For You, a fine song build up from a simple guitar lick intro. You will immediately need to adapt to Terry Ilous voice. His performance here is live up the expectation and full of emotion. Several rock songs before we arrive to song Hard to Say Goodbye, a typical bluesy ballad. Then Shotgun Willie's is my favorite and  recommended here.

Overall this is the album when you need something nostalgic, straight forward '80s blues hard rock. The music here serves the most basic needed from each song. Never overwhelm the song, but also enough to satisfy  listener in their crafty song arrangement. The solo are simpler but fulfilling. The style is also remind me of early light punk rock. Some melody line remind me of Duff McKagan and Gilby Clarke solo album. A neat album that use the very basic of rock as their main menu.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

Great White - Elation 2012
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  1. "(I've Got) Something For You" - 4:31
  2. "Feelin' So Much Better" - 5:04
  3. "Love Train" - 4:46
  4. "Heart Of A Man" - 4:27
  5. "Hard To Say Goodbye" - 5:18
  6. "Resolution" - 5:06
  7. "Shotgun Willie's" - 5:07
  8. "Promise Land" - 5:45
  9. "Lowdown" (bonus track) - 5:56
  10. "Just For Tonight" - 4:33
  11. "Love Is Enough" - 6:04
  12. "Complicated" - 4:15
The album was recorded by the Terry Ilous-fronted Great White; original lead vocalist Jack Russell fronts another version of Great White, dubbed Jack Russell's Great White.

Great White Elation cover album design, as minimalist as its music.

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