Firewind Few Against Many 2012

Few Against Many is the seventh studio album from Greece heavy/power metal band Firewind. Firewind has also slowly swift their musical direction from more power metal orientated into general heavy metal. Understandably for guitarist virtuoso Gus G. is also taking part in Ozzy Osbourne team and Bob Katsionis is a hot keyboardist that received many invitation to guest the solo for other project. This album however will not worry much their loyal fans because it's only inches away from their previous music.

The opening track Wall of Sound, drumming intro and blazzing guitar riff sounds perfect to get our self excited in just a second.  Keyboard and guitar solos still one of attraction on this opening. Few Against Many again teased with a drum solo intro. Together with the second song followed Losing My Mind,  the chorus now more into American sound alike in the "I losing ma mind...".

A more in between Europe and US song perhaps found in the track The Undying Fire, and then the rest of album begin playing minor-ish power and melody metal formula. Glorious will surely amused power metal fans. Notable is Edge of A Dream that featured cello playing with group Apocalyptica.

It's a great album featuring a balance of modern, new Firewind songs and old ones. It's interesting to compare this to Sonata Arctica latest adventure in their Stones Grow Her Name, Firewind rejected the idea to radical chances as in Sonata Arctica case. This album is a nice addition to everyone metal discography.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

Firewind - Few Against Many 2012
label: Dismanic Distribution

01. Wall Of Sound
02. Losing My Mind
03. Few Against Many
04. The Undying Fire
05. Another Dimension
06. Glorious
07. Edge Of A Dream [feat. Apocalyptica]
08. Destiny
09. Long Gone Tomorrow
10. No Heroes, No Sinners
11. Battleborn [Limited Edition Digipak bonus]
12. No Heroes, No Sinners [Acoustic version] [Limited Edition Digipak bonus]

    Apollo Papathanasio - singers
    Gus G. - guitars
    Petros Christodoylidis - bass
    Babis Katsionis - keyboard
    Johan Nunez - drums

Graphic design for Firewind cover album

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