Nightmare The Burden of God 2012

Nightmare The Burden of God

Here the band with interesting history. Nightmare was coming from French, in the 80s they are more a heavy metal act playing NWOBHM mostly. They are went into dormancy mode for most of 90s but resurrected in 1999. Their music then incorporated what the symphonic metal elements. The line up of course changed and the lates is with founding member Joe Amore in microphone after previously being a drummer.

In their official site the member stated "The big difference is," laughs bassist Yves Campion, "that on "The Burden Of God" we have a much better sound." Together with the renowned producer Patrick Liotard NIGHTMARE recorded the album in Marseille, where it also was mixed. For the mastering the band was able to hire Maor Appelbaum (Halford, Therion, Sepultura, Yngwie Malmsteen).

It's true, the album sound real stuff. Opening symphonic intro Gateways to the Void and entering Sunrise in Hell, we quickly offered the very ear familir chorus "Do You Rememba". The Burden of God then follows, this song heavy driven by its dictated guitar riff also an easy stuff to get familiar. Interesting stuff are the Preacher, a moderate tempo and heavy orchestral song. And most of songs here are in the very comfort zone of power metal, with its galloping drumming and minor scale song.

The Burden of God is pure power metal album with its moderate symphonic elements. If you believe how the dual guitar works importance in New Wave of British Heavy Metal ala Saxon and then mixed with Gamma Ray,this is your winning combo.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

Nightmare The Burden Of God
2012 - Napalm Record
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 01. Gateways To The Void
02. Sunrise In Hell
03. The Burden Of God
04. Crimson Empire
05. Children Of The Nation
06. The Preacher
07. Shattered Hearts
08. The Doomsday Prediction
09. The Dominion Gate (Part III)
10. Final Outcome
11. Afterlife

Franck Milleliri (Guitars)
David Amore (Drums & vocals)
Jo Amore (Lead Vocals)
Yves Campion (Bass & vocals)
Matt Asselberghs (Guitars & vocals)

Great feel in Nightmare The Burden of God Album Cover Art

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