Kill Devil Hill - Kill Devil Hill 2012

Vinnie Appice, drummer of Black Sabbath fame come out again with a new project. Team up with Pantera bassist Rex Brown, Mark Zavon previously in W.A.S.P. and singer Dewey Bragg. This semi supergroup status put out quite excellent self title debut album, Kill Devil Hill.

The genre in this album is a combination of groove metal, grunge, and perhaps nil recognized Black Sabbath sounds. First song War Machine is fresh groove metal feel with a sleek and grunge vocal instead of growling. Other song with very original song writing is Voodoo Doll and a heavy groovy Rise from the Shadows. It's good to see bass line get more highlight here as many song are focus in lower frequency pleasure. We're Are Gonna Die is the example here. Strange is however more hard rock and show nice guitar work put in front. Beside Mysterious Ways which is a ballad, all other tracks are showing pleasure hearing groove metal. The singer perform really well I think, give in a grunge feel and handle the low pitch nicely.

If you like fresh grunge mix with groove metal here is the correct album. If you also missed Pantera you might expect some Dimebag tribute in Mark Zavon riff. Not a bad output for this all forty aged guys.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

Kill Devil Hill 2012
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01. War Machine
02. Hangman
03. Voodoo Doll
04. Gates Of Hell
05. Rise From The Shadows
06. We're All Gonna Die
07. Strange
08. Time & Time Again
09. Old Man
10. Mysterious Ways
11. Up In Flames
12. Revenge

Dewey Bragg - vocals
Mark Zavon - guitar
Rex Brown - bass
Vinny Appice - drums

Produced by Warren Riker.    

dark theme cover album art for Kill Devil Hill

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