Shadows Fall - Fire From the Sky 2012

From the Grammy award nominee, Shadows Fall released their 7th studio album last week, Fire From the Sky. As expected, this is another metal tunes fired to our hearing without compromise. Fire From the Sky take the apocalyptic theme and its one of classic theme we can have in metal, isn't it?

After a brief intro that served as an adjustment to our ear, The Unknown is straight forward delivered. As mainstream metal band, this is a manifest of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal in playing. The music label should also be in metalcore and thrash metal vocabulary. Divide and Conquer set the template running over this album. A catchy guitar riff intro and the song that need only to last between 3-4 minutes to achieved its glory. It's a lot more a fine guitar work such as in the third tracks Weight of the World. Fire From the Sky still the same templates running, slightly slower tempo but its somehow didn't give special attention to be the title bearer song. Unlike the next, Save Your Soul, this is the minor-ish metal that will served disguise to power metal fans, my favorite in natural. Blind Faith is also interesting, with clean guitar opening, the song developed nicely, this is also the longest song with more song structure inside.

Fire From the Sky is needed only couple of listening to enjoy its catchy-ness. As usual the guitar works are on top notch, courtesy of duet between Jonathan Donais and Matt Bachand. Jason Bittner drumming sounds very controlled and precised. The singer combo between epic clean chorus and growling are American trademark, most are well suit into the song writing. This album will easily bring new fans to Shadows Fall and metalcore crowd.

Metal Harem class: ******* 7 stars out of 10

Shadows Fall - Fire From the Sky 2012
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 1. "The Unknown"   4:54
 2. "Divide and Conquer"   3:05
 3. "Weight of the World"   3:55
 4. "Nothing Remains"   3:20
 5. "Fire From the Sky"   4:55
 6. "Save Your Soul"   3:53
 7. "Blind Faith"   6:27
 8. "Lost Within"   3:31
 9. "Walk the Edge"   3:32
 10. "The Wasteland"   4:05

Shadows Fall

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